1 box of blank red dog tags aluminum 100 pieces

We also have dog tag sets with the chain included. These sets are embossed in accordance with military standards. We are happy to customize the tags at our warehouse so that they are ready for use upon delivery. Our inventory contains both traditional metal tags and colored for medical identification. There are additional lines for name, blood type, social security number and religious affiliation.


There is a recurring myth about the notch situated in one end of the dog tags issued to United States Army personnel during , and up until the era. It was rumored that the notch's purpose was that, if a soldier found one of his comrades on the battlefield, he could take one tag to the commanding officer and stick the other between the teeth of the soldier to ensure that the tag would remain with the body and be identified.

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During World War II, the Red Army did not issue metal dog tags to its troops
Your contact info is deeply engraved in the back of the tag so it never wears out. Pet tags are shipped directly from the manufacturer. These are dog tag tags not to be confused with the military dog tags for people we also sell. Red dingo makes awesome high end dog identification tags for your pet.

Red Dingo Dog ID Tags at Two Bostons Pet Boutique in Naperville, IL.

As a registered legitimate medical marijuana patient it is a good idea to duplicate your ID card onto our cannabis leaf embossed dogtags for emergencies. Make sure to include your name, Identification number, and verification website address.

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These dog ID tags by Red Dingo are made from stainless steel and guaranteed for life! These tags have many different enamel designs to choose from and come in nine different colors. You can match your pet's ID tag to his personality! Sold in small, medium and large, these Red Dingo tags can be engraved with your pet's personal information. Choose your enamel design, choose your color, then have your design engraved...the end product is up to you!If you’re looking for a cool alternative to a medical alert bracelet, look no further: our medical alert dog tags are the stylish option you’ve been looking for. N-Style ID’s medical ID dog tags look great on guys, as well as women and teens, and can be worn discreetly beneath your shirt or hang freely. For those who don’t like the feel of a medical bracelet, aren’t able to wear one, or just prefer a different look, N-Style ID has you covered with the best medical ID dog tags available.Our red ribbon week dog tags are the perfect promotional item for building awareness for a drug free lifestyle. Feature a laser engraved red ribbon week message and included ball chain, our stock dog tags are ready to wear right out of the box.For those who prefer a classic look, our traditional are a great option and are available in red, black or blue. These sturdy, aluminum medical ID dog tags are lightweight, measuring 1 1/8" wide by 2" long, and come with a stainless steel ball chain necklace. We also offer in a wide variety of colors, which not only reduce the sound the dog tag might make, but also make it more visible in some circumstances. Or, if you’re looking for a bit more flash, our Rad Tags are 1 3/4" long and 1" wide and feature a smooth black finish with your choice of red or blue caduceus symbol.