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This is a parking lot that I normally play fetch with the dogs. I tied a string to a remote control car and to the ball... and they ran after it for awhile.. I know i've seen this someplace else, but still couldn't stop laughing, because they wanted the ball so bad, more because they were waiting for days to go to the park to play with the ball and we had just gotten there!!!

It's time to fetch GoDogGo, the world's first Fetch Machine and only automatic remote controlled ball launcher for dogs.

GoDogGo HandRemote is now available for purchase when you want to have a second remote on hand to use with your GoDogGo Fetch Machine automatic ball thrower for dogs, or you need to replace a lost remote control. Note that a Remote Control is included with every new GoDogGo Fetch Machine automatic tennis ball launcher.

Operates with any GoDogGo G4 Fetch Machine
Launches approximately 75 feet from unit
Convenient wrist strap
2 button cell batteries included
Shipping: If ordering alone select USPS only. If ordering a 2nd remote with GoDogGo® RemoteFetch, you will receive 2 shipments.

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GoDogGo, the world's first Fetch Machine and only automatic remote controlled ball launcher for dogs. Playing fetch with your dog is fun to a point, but if your dog is a tireless ball retriever, check out the cool new . This innovative device is an automatic tennis ball launcher and throwing machine for dogs that could easily replace you as their new best friend. Just load it up with tennis balls, adjust the distance from 15' to 30' and set the launch interval from 7 to 15 seconds. It launches balls automatically, can be operated via remote control or, best of all, if you train your dog to drop the ball back into the machine, they can play on their own continuously for hours while you relax. It's a great idea, but hopefully the dog doesn't learn to insert other items like your slippers, cell phone and the family cat!

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A stick, a ball, a rope with a knot tied on it, these are all tried and tested methods of entertaining and exercising dogs. But for some people, basic isn't always best … meet Go-Go Dog Pals, remote controlled pet toys designed to be chased by dogs while the owner takes the more leisurely option of controlling it with a remote.

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Go Dog Go G4 & JUNIOR Fetch Machine - The World’s Original Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs. GoDogGo is the World’s First Fetch Machine & Original, Award-Winning Automatic Dog Ball Thrower. Designed specifically for dogs to allow for various forms of independent fetch or owner-controlled play with remote when desired. On demand Fetch Machine works with various balls sizes, styles & brands of dog fetch balls.Walking is overrated. Instead of trudging round your local park in the rain, just set up the . It's a remote control ball thrower for dogs. Set it going, and it'll fire a ball for your dog to run and get. Meanwhile you can sit on a bench and soak up some sun – finally, the robots serve a purpose.