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Omg this is the best leash for dual dog walking ever. I have 2 King Charles one is a puppy the other is 6yrs. One can run around more the other stay back. It is literally the best dual leash out in the market today. Only complaint is when the puppy is running and goes behind me I can get slightly caught up but nothing like what was happening when I had to use two delegate retractable leashes. I've shown Petsmart and the guy was so impressed he took a photo and is sending it to corporate and my mother in law is buying on for each of her daughters who own two dogs. It's really impressive. 5 stars all the way!

Dogs Pet Shop – Leads and collars – Non-tangling retractable leash for 2 dogs

• Reduces dogs pulling power
• Natural Rubber Latex deters dogs chewing on leash
• Much safer than retractable leashes
• Available in 3 Simple Sizes for all Dogs 1lb – 200lbs
• Available in

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Retractable Dog Leash, 2 Release Stop Buttons, 16ft Belt, Abs, up to 45 Lbs, Black ** Check out this great image : Leashes for dogs My family and I raise service dogs for the blind – 8 so far and whelped 27 puppies. I am so glad we use a leather leash that folds to a 3 foot leash. I had so many scary moments with the retractable leashes: puppies darting out to the road, chasing another dog and having the cable around my legs, nearly had my finger’s decapitated, not to mention the lack of control for corrections. I’ve even pushed the lock button to realize a moment later that I unlocked it. You will also get burned hands with regular nylon leashes as they rip through your hands – use leather. I rarely use retractables anymore. It has long been a concern of mine that the “Dog Whisperer” allows people who have dog control issues to use the extendable leashes. These leashes allow the dogs to run and lunge at others without any control. Especially if you have large breeds (we have labradors), don’t use these leashes. Please keep yourself and your pet safe.

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Like any piece of equipment, retractable leashes have their place if used properly with training. Dogs can learn to respect the 20 or so feet of “freedom” the retractable leash gives them and not pull for more. These leashes retract and have a lock to keep the dog close when needed but way too many handlers ignore it. Users of retractables need to desensitize their dog to the leash bouncing behind them in a safe enclosed area so if it the handler drops the leash the dog doesn’t panic. I wouldn’t use them with a head harness as there is too great of a chance that the dog will bolt to the end and get snapped around causing neck issues.

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