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One of the most popular types of collars is the rolled leather collar. These are classic and will look good on any dog. Furthermore, there’s a variety of leather available, so that you get what you like. At the same time, they’re also very durable without requiring much care.

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Most dog owners prefer using leather dog collars on their pets as they are made of a natural material, that is less irritating and comfortable to wear. They are the best option for dogs with sensitive skin. Leather dog collars come in several colors and styles. The leather collars can either be flat, rolled or round.

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Dogs & Horses Rolled Leather Dog Collar and Lead Sets, £60.00 The Tory Leather Rolled Leather Dog Collar with solid Brass Buckles and Dees is especially suited for short haired dogs as the collar will not will not rub or cause chafing.

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This solid baby blue collar features soft rolled leather and a traditional flat buckle. Easy to grab and a particular favorite on long haired dogs- the rolled leather style prevents tangled or matted fur around a dog’s neck.

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Rolled Leather Dog Collar. This chic collar is made with full grain bridle leather. These round collars are then formed and stitched and the edges are beveled and polished to create the rolled shape. Made in a buckle-end style these are beveled and hand polished edges for comfort. Assembly is completed with a bright nickel-plated buckle with dee ring and smooth capped rivets. Don`t forget a matching leash!Rolled leather collars are much thinner, narrow, and much lighter than the flat collar. The rounded shape makes a cord or rope-like structure that helps give it strength. Identity tags are attached to an O-ring and rolled collars are designed primarily for long coated dogs. It will prevent coat damage such as matting and won't leave a flat spot on the dog's coat. They are also more suitable for dogs that have sensitive skin, or wrinkles and rolls. However, one disadvantage of the rolled leather collar is it can cause pressure on your dog's neck and can cause damage to their windpipe if your dog is a puller. Like all leather collars, they should be conditioned with every so often to increase the life of the collar and prevent cracking.As consumers, we always want to be well informed about the products that we buy for our dogs. There are many different types of dog collars for your dog, which leaves you to question which one is best suited for them. Collars may be used for control, identification, or fashion, but one type of collar that never goes out of style are , primarily known for their durability. The two types of leather collars most popular in today's market are the flat leather collar and the rolled leather collar.When selecting a rolled collar for you buddy, you want to make sure you use a quality leather material. There are plenty of cheap collars in the market for $10 a pop. These are made of poor material and you are better off not buying these since they do not size properly, they are uncomfortable for the dog and get worn and wrecked easily.