Orange Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Comments: My westie, Daisy, just received her new purple rolled leather collar. It is truly exceptional. The dye completely covers the collar and she got a leash that matched with all of the edges purple. I’ve bought lots of rolled collars for previous westies and none has been this great quality. I’ll never buy any place else and even better, it’s Made in America! Way to go BigDogs! Love you…
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The Tory Leather Rolled Leather Dog Collar with solid Brass Buckles and Dees is especially suited for short haired dogs as the collar will not will not rub or cause chafing.

Rolled Leather Dog Collars - Round Collars

Rolled Round Leather Dog Collar Beige Miniature Toy Small Medium Extra Large Breeds i've used the rolled leather collars for years - they are breathable & gently fit my dogs w/o matting up their fur or wearing it off like many of the nylon collars will - I have a norwegian elkhound and a chow chow - these leather collars are the best!

Orange Rolled Leather Dog Collar

The Bond & Co. Mahogany Rolled Leather Dog Collar is a sleek and comfortable accessory designed to help keep your pup looking their best on and off-leash. Mix and match with other Bond & Co. dog accessories to take their style to the next level.

More Advantages of Rolled Leather Dog Collars

As consumers, we always want to be well informed about the products that we buy for our dogs. There are many different types of dog collars for your dog, which leaves you to question which one is best suited for them. Collars may be used for control, identification, or fashion, but one type of collar that never goes out of style are , primarily known for their durability. The two types of leather collars most popular in today's market are the flat leather collar and the rolled leather collar.So, if you are planning on adopting a puppy into your family, consider these two types of leather dog collars for their durability and longevity and style. The flat leather collar for dogs in training or short haired dogs and rolled leather collars for already obedient, longer hair dogs.Rolled leather collars are much thinner, narrow, and much lighter than the flat collar. The rounded shape makes a cord or rope-like structure that helps give it strength. Identity tags are attached to an O-ring and rolled collars are designed primarily for long coated dogs. It will prevent coat damage such as matting and won't leave a flat spot on the dog's coat. They are also more suitable for dogs that have sensitive skin, or wrinkles and rolls. However, one disadvantage of the rolled leather collar is it can cause pressure on your dog's neck and can cause damage to their windpipe if your dog is a puller. Like all leather collars, they should be conditioned with every so often to increase the life of the collar and prevent cracking.Our Rolled Dog Collar is an excellent option for all of our four legged friends, but especially those with long hair. The struggle of dealing with normal collars flattening or matting the fur on your dog's neck is over, this rolled leather collar is the obvious choice for you. Simply designed, but beautiful this collar is handcrafted in our leather shop in Lexington, Kentucky. You can personalize your friends collar with a brass or silver nameplate; choose the leather color we have available in medium brown, dark brown, black or burgundy.