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When Three Rivers Humane Society became involved with the Jefferson County Kennels in Madras, there was much work to be done. The kennels were uncovered and open to the elements of Central Oregon. The first immediate need was to cover the dog kennels with tarp roofs so the dogs were protected from the direct sun, rain, and snow. Community volunteers assisted with the effort and in stages, each bank of kennels was covered. Unfortunately, water bowls still froze in the winter and the dog houses were cold, but the dogs had space out of the direct elements. We were proud of our work but knew there was so much more to be done.

Roofs for chicken runs. Pretty clever to use Dog Kennels and PVC pipes. Can be taken with us when we go or used for the dogs.

Main material:

Almost all kennels are made out of either wood or plastic. If portability is a must then plastic could be the better choice for you, but for greater protection and insulation wood is your best bet. Wood also tends to be sturdier but this is not always the case as some plastic models can also be very solid. In any case (but more importantly if you choose plastic) it’s a good idea to pick up a to keep your pet nice and warm in the colder months.


Beyond the material of the main body, the material used for the roof is another important factor. Asphalt roofs are often attractive, last a long time and don’t require much work in the way of maintenance while wood shingle roofs tend to provide slightly better insulation. That said, most dog houses with asphalt roofs offer extra interior insulation to compensate.


It’s never a good idea to get a chihuahua sized house for a labrador! Always read the dimensions of a kennel before ordering. Fortunately most products have options for different sizes so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Quick Tip:

It can be a good idea to use long-stem grass hay (not regular straw) for bedding instead of the typical blankets and sheets. This is because cotton is more prone to dampness which can in turn lead to our dogs feeling the cold, particularly in the winter.

Now, without further ado, we present to you our top 5 list!

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In February 2014, a large snow storm came through Madras. The storm dumped over 3 feet of snow, the weight on the kennels roofs collapsed our kennels. Immediately following this storm was a cold snap of -23 degrees for several nights. Luckily, thanks to multiple foster homes stepping in, all our dogs were in foster, indoors, or at the vets due to the bitter cold. We rebuilt the kennels with the help of volunteers. There is a nervous tension throughout the staff whenever it snows due to real possibility this could happen again in a heavy snow storm.

Extend the gate up to the roof and you'd have an outdoor play area.

Not a big fan of DIY? Don’t fret! This kennel is impressively sturdy for the pricepoint. No more leaky roofs leaving your poor pooch drenched by sunset, this product is as watertight as it gets which could make it a great option for those living in areas with high amounts of rainfall. Comes in turquoise or classic kennel-red and many different sizes to suit your dog!

Favorite Feature: The roof can be lifted up as it’s fitted on a hinge. This allows for easy access to the interior so you can clean it and change the bedding without any hassle!

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