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Royal Canin’s Yorkshire Terrier dry dog food is made to entirely to please Yorkies. The most significant feature is how they created the kibbles to be able fit into a Yorkies jaw, this is great considering Yorkies have significantly less jaw strength when compared to other dogs. Also, we all know that Yorkies can be fussy eaters, so Royal Canin decided to make the kibble plate able or very appealing appearance. Another good feature includes having the essential nutrients (Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), Omega 6 fatty acids, and Biotin). The dog food comes in either 10lbs or 2.5lbs so if this is you would like to test out this dog food you can order the smaller size without having to commit to 10lbs. The one downside to this particular dog food is that it is made for Yorkies who are ten months and older so if you have a puppy the Hill’s Science Diet Small & Toy Breed Dry Dog Food may be a better choice for you. Other than it not being made for puppies we would recommend Royal Canin’s Yorkshire Terrier dry dog food.

Royal Canin's Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Dry Dog Food is designed exclusively for pure breed Yorkshire Terrier puppies from 8 weeks to 10 months.

We all know how expensive Yorkshire food, also known as Yorkie food can be. You can save a bundle on Yorkshire Terrier food by purchasing it directly from the factory for brands such as Eukanuba and Royal Canin dog food. This is a great way to save money, so you can splurge on other items for your Yorkie!

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Royal Canin's Yorkshire Terrier Adult Dry Dog Food is designed exclusively for pure breed Yorkshire Terriers over 10 months. My Yorkies love this food. Since they are pick eaters this is the one food in which they always seem to eat. However, my dogs are no longer puppies. My 4 lb. yorkie is 3 yrs. old and my 5lb. yorkie is now 18 mos. old. Is it safe to give them this “puppy” food. I’ve tried the Royal Canin Yorkie and Small dog adult formulas, but they like the Puppy formula better. My vet said its ok, but what do you think?

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Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Yorkshire Puppy Food is a similar dog food to the one mentioned above but it is meant for Yorkies under 10 months old.

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My vet said Yorkies are prone to early tooth loss and the best food to give my puppy should be Royal Canin for Yorkshire Terriers does anyone use this? and how are your dogs teeth due to this food?? Right now she is on Iams puppy formula and I want opinons on what food is best for Mia's teeth.I'm not a Yorkie owner, but I don't need to be to answer this question.
While I don't hold the opinion that Royal Canin is a good food and while I do think that corn-based foods may be causing some harm to dogs (such as the increase in pet cancer in recent years, perhaps, but I'm stilling researching that one), keep in mind that the majority of dog owners in this country feed less-than-ideal food. (My dogs were fed crappy food up until last year and they were fine. Not as healthy as they are now, but fine.) And, yes, while I think those dogs would benefit from being fed higher quality foods, it's nothing to panic over. Perhaps I'm wrong, but that's my opinion.
Again, it's important to make up your own mind. Letting others make it up for you makes it too easy to get flim-flammed.

Some brands I would recommend looking into trying if you're going to go the commercial food route:
-Solid Gold
-Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul
-Diamond Naturals
-Innova EVO
-Eagle Pack

Some of these brands can be pretty pricey. Having money troubles myself, I have been able to afford Chicken Soup, which I can buy for $25 for an 18 lb bag; Diamond Naturals, which is $20 for an 20 lb bag; and I've found that at $47 for a 33 lb bag Solid Gold is only 6 more cents per lb than Chicken Soup. Another issue can be availablility. I had to feed Iams for a couple of weeks last year until a pet store than sold what I consider better brands finally opended up. Some people have been able to buy their dog's food over the internet, though I have yet to look into that myself.
Good luck making this decision. :)