Royal Canin Professional Energy 4800 Dog Food | Review and Rating

It amazes me that they can spend millions of dollars formulating prescription vet foods, yet on the other side of the factory they are spewing out foods to feed cattle. Maybe this way, you are a customer for life. You start your dog on the pet food store Royal Canin dog food, and then you have to buy the vet prescription food to help heal your dog. Wow,,, now that is a marketing strategy!!

Royal Canin Mini Adult Dog Food earns the Advisor’s mid-tier rating of 3 stars.

Anyway, she has become overweight and the vet recommends this food. She has eaten one bag with no issues, but now the vet recommends I change to Prescription Diet R/D canine food. Both of these foods are rated as 2 stars and I feel like I’m spending ridiculous amount of money on the prescription foods and not getting the quality of food for that price. My dog has lost about a pound while eating the Royal Canin calorie control, however can you recommend a different, higher-quality dry dog food that is still intended for weight loss?

Royal Canin Mini Aging Care Dog Food | Review and Rating

Royal Canin Maxi Dog Food receives the Advisor’s mid-tier rating of 3 stars. It’s so frustrating when you don’t know the cause! I had that happen recently with one of my cats. As far as the Royal canin goes, it might not be rated very high on this site, but it sounds like it is rated 5 star for your dog right now.
I wonder if the food was stored improperly by the warehouse or store. It’s been so darn hot here already this summer, I’ve been storing my extra bag of kibble in the fridge.
I hope you can find a food that is less expensive to transition to that works well for your dog. What were you feeding before the Authority?

Royal Canin Starter Dog Food | Review and Rating - Dog Food Advisor

Royal Canin is an overpriced 2.5 star rated kibble. For the same money you can be feeding your loved on a top 5 star rated puppy kibble. Spend some time and read the detailed evaluation above of Royal Canine products. Remember to transitions slowly to a new dog food. I suspect your vet will have some recommendations based on the medical condition.

The Royal Canin Mini Puppy product line lists two dry dog foods