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In the US, dog and cat food online sales totaled about US$1 billion in 2016, or about 3 percent of the US$31 billion market, according to Euromonitor. , the research firm’s lead analyst for pet care, projects that the US online channel’s share of pet food sales could hit 5 percent this year.

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and other pet products increased from about 6 to 14 percent in 2016, depending on the , with sales of dog and cat food rising at least 15 percent in the US alone. This data, courtesy of Euromonitor International, highlights just how important the online channel is becoming to pet food sales, particularly as the uber-connected and “digital native” millennial and younger generations move up the ranks of pet ownership.

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Farmer's Dog uses a questionnaire to help pet owners with internet-based dog food sales. Of that US$75.25 billion in sales, dog food accounts for over half, at US$45.19 billion, a robust 5.2 percent increase over the previous year. Cat food added another US$26.03 billion (4.5 percent growth), with the remaining US$4.03 billion coming from pet food for other species. (Note that Euromonitor expects to finalize its 2016 data by April 2017.)

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