Blue Buffalo Blue Stix Salmon & Potato Dog Treats

Plato Pet Treats Salmon Thinker Stick Singles are FREE from added sugars, artificial preservatives, by-products, artificial colors, protein-meals, soy, wheat, corn, fillers, and freeze-drying. Slow roasted in our own US Facility, these treats can be snapped into pieces for training dogs of all sizes or to share. Plato Thinker Sticks are grain-reduced with gluten free brown rice being the only grain ingredient. Brain-nourishing natural DHA and EPA helps support brain function in your dog. Flavors include pacific salmon, duck, chicken and available in 22oz, and 10oz bags.

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Supreme Source® Grain-Free Salmon Recipe Dog Treats are intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Feed to your dog as a healthy treat or snack. Feed up to 10 treats for every 10 lbs of your dog’s body weight per day. Make sure to have plenty of fresh water available at all times.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Grain-Free Salmon Dog Biscuits

Salmon Crack Dog Treat Recipe: Yummy Treats for Focus During Dog Training or Competition The perfect crunchy treat for your meat-loving dog, Wilderness Trail Treat biscuits are made with only the finest natural ingredients like salmon, turkey, potatoes and flaxseed.

Merrick Real Salmon and Potato Jerky Chips Dog Treats

“I like his recipe because it’s easy, cheap, and simple,” she says, before cautioning that you may want to open a window before getting busy — these salmon treats are like dog crack, in no small part to the odor that comes with them.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Bits Salmon Dog Training Treats,

100% pure, wild Alaskan salmon dog treats for your favorite dog!

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we love wild salmon & so do our pets! This pouch of Annie's Favorite contains natural wild salmon that's fully cooked & ready to serve.

Mix into your dog's normal meals, or serve as a special treat. Once opened, please refrigerate any unused portion for up to 4 days.

Each pouch is 3 oz. Skin on, no bones.NutriSource® Soft & Tender Treats are made with real salmon and added vitamins and minerals. These tasty treats work great as a training reward that your dog will crave!Plato Salmon Small Bites have NO added sugars, artificial preservatives, by-products, artificial colors, or protein-meals. These training treats are completely grain-free, soy, wheat, corn, fillers, and gluten free. Slow Roasted in our very own US facility to maintain maximum nutrition, never freeze-dried. These single-source novel protein treats are especially good for overweight or small dogs, or dogs with skin issues, allergies, and food sensitivities. Flavors include duck, salmon and organic chicken. Product is available in 300g and 4oz sizes.Made from one hundered percent wild Alaskan salmon, Puppy Love Brand dog treats are sure to become the favorite treat for your loving pet. They come in 3 variaties: Training Bites (perfect small bites to help train your pet), thick meaty Jerky Treats, and Larger Sticks.