All meat is hormone and antibiotic free…

This is jmo, I don’t know if anyone else agrees but you have a dog with issues. Feed the Brothers and nothing else. If you have to have a treat, use some of the kibble (remember to adjust from her food ration). Dogs don’t need treats. I don’t think a few raw green beans or salt free frozen green beans will hurt but she doesnt need anything else.
IMO again, get her healthy, then worry about the extras.

I've persisted and found these additional low sodium dog foods, that are ..

I want to make this for our dogs tomorrow but how much water / liquid do I use when cooking the meat? Can I drain the juice from the green beans (salt free) and use when cooking the beef? Also, can I add canned tomatoes? We can our own with no salt. Our 12 year old female English Bull dog food. She has wheat gluten allergies. We have narrowed it down to that because every time we feed her food commercially made foods with grains she breaks out. SO we changed up her food to grain free but added canned about 1 teaspoon of Alpo dog food not thinking about it and she was breaking out again. Reading the can..wheat gluten... argggggg. and now she gets just dry no grain food. The bulldog gets fed 2/3 cup dog food 3x's a day and the other 2 get fed 2/3 cup of feed each 3x's a day. I would like to make their food at home with all the pet food being recalled. Also.. can it also be something I can feed our female English Cocker and male Pom.. We will be waiting to hear from you soon.

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Feeding the Cardiac Patient - Vermont Veterinary Cardiology …These wholesome Pampered Pet Treats do not contain the common food-allergy triggers corn, wheat, or soy. These specially-prepared dog treats are made with only the finest ingredients so sensitive dogs of all ages can enjoy these tasty morsels. Free of sugar, salt, preservatives, artificial color,…

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I have used the Science Diet H/D for my Greyhound who has heart issues. I rely on Science Diet because I know it is a quality brand and this particular special needs diet, naturally, has no salt and its other ingredients are geared towards dogs with heart problems. In addition to the H/D dog food, I also buy the Science Diet h/d treats for my dog which are also salt free. That way I know she is getting not only dog food geared for her particular needs but I can give her healthy treats as well and not have to worry about salt content, excess fat, etc., that comes with some other dog food/treats. In addition to those, I also feed her organic treats which I know are healthy for her. I think the fact that Hills also makes the h/d treats for special needs dogs is great because that way they get the best of both worlds and owners don't have to worry about the treats they feed their dogs unless they make them at home.

However, the big drawback with Hills is the H/D dog food is consistently going up in price for the exact same food and the exact same quantity and I think it is fastly reaching the point where if this trend continues, I will look for another high quality brand that has heart issue dog food. I see no reason, whatsoever, for HIlls to continue to raise the cost of this special needs food every three months which is what they seem to be doing. They keep up with this trend, and I have no problems with switching to another high quality brand. Hills is good, but it is not the only dog on the block!

It is also grain free with limited, specially selected carbohydrates.