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Dorothy happens to be one of those BIG dogs in a little dog body. You know the type - little pipsqueeks who have the self confidence of a sumo wrestler. I'll never forget the first time I saw her. I was walking through the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter on a day when the shelter was very busy with lots of people and lots of barking dogs vying for attention. Dorothy was quietly curled up on her cozy bed surrounded by a million toys. She looked so vulnerable. I took her home as a CAPE foster and within ten minutes of getting her into the house, every toy box was dumped over and she had initiated games of tug and chase with all the other dogs. She even had Doggy, our very arthritic, old guy playing games with her from his bed. In Doggy's final days, Dorothy brought him a brand of fun that we mere humans could never have offered. I will always be grateful to Dorothy for making Doggy's end of life so filled with joy. We actually did have Dorothy up for adoption for a time, but it was my husband Josh who finally said, "Let's adopt her. She belongs in our family as head of the recreation department." —J.P. Novic

Officials from the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter rescued 34 dogs Thursday from a home in Scotts Valley.

The Shelter will microchip your dog or cat AND register the microchip for $15! This is a steal, folks! Monday through Friday from 1 – 3 at the Live Oak Shelter (1001 Rodriguez st.). No appointment necessary for dogs. Please call in advance for cats. Did you know that your dog must be licensed with us if you reside within Santa Cruz County? Many people get the

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Officials from the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter rescued 34 dogs Thursday from a home in Scotts Valley. Lisa Holland is the Field Services Dispatcher for the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter. She has worked for the shelter since November of 2005. Prior to being the dispatcher she worked in Client Services and then as an Animal Control Officer. She has a background in Law Enforcement and graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Criminal Justice. While at San Jose State University she worked as a Police Cadet, volunteering her time to assist other students on campus and to assist the University Police Department as needed. Lisa has also taken classes at Cabrillo College and has had training to become a reserve police officer. Lisa has also worked for the District Attorney in Santa Clara County as a photographer and graphic designer at the Crime Lab. Her experience with handling animals is from her prior employment at two pet stores that operated in Santa Cruz County, that mainly concentrated on selling exotic birds and tropical fish. Lisa has owned cats and dogs all of her life. Lisa resides in Rio Del Mar with her husband, three children, two Asian Parakeets, and two cats.

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Julie has been a dedicated Certified Elementary School teacher in Watsonville for eighteen years. As a long time volunteer with the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter she logged over 1,000 hours over the past four years, helping Shelter dogs as well as training new Shelter volunteers to join the team. This last year she launched an extremely successful program offering afterschool humane education presentations in South County and joined us as a Humane Educator on staff in June 2015.

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