A citronella dog collar is a type of spray dog collar

Safe, humane and effective for all dog breeds. How does it work? A bark control collar senses your dog's bark. When he barks, a burst of lemon scented spray is emitted. The bark control collar uses both vibration and sound sensors (patented Dual Detection) to discriminate each bark from other external noises. A burst of lemon-scented spray is emitted to deter barking only if both the vibration from vocal chords and the sound from the bark match the same criteria. Small and lightweight, this bark control collar features Nano technology, the smallest spray collar available, with a QuickFit Buckle for easy fitting. The all natural lemon scent spray is safe and effective and emits up to 40 sprays per refill can, refills available, sold separately. Includes:Adjustable nylon collar for necks up to 20", Lemon spray can, with up to 40 sprays RFA-188 battery Good/low battery indicator Waterproof receiver Low spray indicator On/off button Operating guide For dogs up to 55 lbs.

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BREAKING SCENTS -- Breaking scents help stop dogs from trailing unwanted game. Keep a piece of scent-soaked cloth, sponge, or a scent pad attached to the dog's collar (every day for as long as necessary) until desired results are achieved. Another approach is to use the breaking scent BEFORE the dog develops an interest in unwanted game, especially in areas where game (such as deer) is common.

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Hartz Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs - Clean Fresh Scent 1 - 1.16 oz (33 g) collar at Piggly Wiggly. PetSafe Elite is a dog spray collar designed for small dogs. It can also be refilled with water or unscented liquids and is water resistant, to use in hunting or camping excursions. There is also a big dog Elite collar.

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It depends. Some dogs are not bothered at all by the scent or the spray in the nose. If your hound falls within this group, you are out of luck. Other dogs, actually get used to it and the device becomes obsolete. That said, a found that citronella dog collars were more effective at stopping dog barking than shock collars. So, try one for yourself.

You also need to understand that just putting the collar around your mongrel’s neck will not solve your nuisance barking problem. Without a training program in place, you will find that your pooch still barks when he doesn’t have the citronella dog collar on (canines are smart!) and you can’t have him wearing the collar all the time, since this is not recommended and it is not safe if your pooch is unattended. Additionally, if you have your dog wear the collar for long hours, daily, eventually he will get used to it.

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