IACP Approved Dog Training Schools

CEO and Director Steven Appelbaum is a professional dog trainer and animal lover himself. After growing Animal Behavior and Training Associates, Inc. (ABTA), the exclusive provider of dog obedience classes for Petco, Steven built a school for students aspiring to help animals. Steven is a member of the IACP, APDT, HSUS, PIJAC, DWAA and ASPCA.

“I Said Sit!” is not just another dog trainer, we are a School for Dogs. Use this price list as a guide to the variety of training programs we offer.

Highland Canine Training, LLC – School for Dog Trainers is licensed by the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges.
The North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges is not an accrediting agency.

So You Want to be a Dog Trainer! - APDT

School for Dog Trainers Partners Dog Training School's Resident "Board & Train" Camp was developed for dogs needing help with behavior issues. Our pro trainers do the initial training; and then train you! Our program is in use all over the USA, and has been featured dozens of times on TV.
Camp combines behavior conditioning, food-reward training and socialization, in a structured setting. We use food-reward conditioning to engage attention, establish patterns and teach dogs to "DO what's RIGHT".
Aggression, Biting, Digging, Housebreaking, Begging, Barking, Chewing, Mouthing and Jumping up!
And it works! Every year, on thousands of dogs.

If you choose to attend a “dog training school,” do your homework

By choosing ABC, you can keep your present job while you enroll in our school for dog trainers. The ABC online portion of the program brings the classroom to your living room and neighborhood, which means no added expenses will be incurred for housing at a remote location and no time will be wasted by driving back and forth to a classroom-based dog training school.

Investigate the program and how it fits with your needs

If you are considering our school, and would like more detailed information on our approach to training dogs, from one of Michael's lectures: Philosophy on Dog Training.At our School for Dog Trainers, our staff of instructors are highly qualified and accomplished individuals that are truly one of a kind. Not only do we teach you every aspect of the dog training industry, you will be immersed into an atmosphere alongside our instructors that are training a variety of dogs every day.With the most inclusive canine education available, our School for Dog Trainers will teach you progressive and innovative methods of effectively training dogs and working with people in a way that will make your dog training career a successful one. Unlike most courses, our programs offer you extensive hands-on training that provide you with real-life experience.The Karen Pryor Academy () offers a six month Dog Trainer Professional program leading to the KPA-CTP (Certified Training Partner) designation. The course includes both online coursework (about 10 hours per week) and four intensive weekends of hands-on learning with a professional trainer. Tuition is significant (at $5,300) but some scholarship funds are available. KPA courses do count for continuing education credit with the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC).