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Has anyone else lost their pets because of Science Diet food? I fed my dogs Science Diet for 11 years at the recommendation of my vet. It was costly and vet recommended so I never thought to research it. In the last year, I have lost 2 of my dogs to Anal Cell Carcinoma. They were not blood related but I got them withing a month of each other over 11 years ago. After I put my Bandit down, I thought it was hard to just assume that it was a coincidence. Ive found several web sites and dog food advisory forums that have shown them as the worst dog food due to dangerous ingredients and there were lots of people with sick dogs. Has any one else had to go through this due to Science Diet/Hill’s dog food?

a Hill's® Prescription Diet® or Science Diet® dog food for my dog's allergies?

My Niece who is a Veterinarian told me they push Science Diet products, because the company provides scholarships for them to attend school, not because it is a superior dog food. Common sense will tell you dogs do not eat wheat and corn in the wild, they eat meat and maybe a little grass. Why would anyone think their dog food should have all these grains in them??? Research suggests today’s GMO wheat (frankenwheat), soy and corn products aren’t even good for us! But the FDA tells us genetically modified food is safe…wrong!!! They have companies like Monsanto paying our politicians to look the other way. But I digress. Short term any dog food will sustain a dog and they may have a shiny coat and appear healthy (most likely from the supplements added to the food), but they often develop avoidable diseases in the mid to later stages of their lives, which can cost us many $$ to treat. Another win for the Vet who is making money for treating the animals with cancer, kidney failure, and joint problems just to name a few.. Some vets are in practice for the right reasons, but many chose that career for the money they can earn. Ask your vet what makes Science Diet such a good choice and question them on the high grain content of the food. I doubt they feed their own dogs SD. More importantly do the research yourself.

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QUALITY. 4.8 (221) Hill's®Science Diet® Adult Advanced Fitness Original Dog Food. Hill's®Science Diet® Adult Perfect Weight Small & Toy Breed Dog Food. Breakthrough nutrition formulated to achieve & maintain a healthy weight & improve quality of life in small & toy breed dogs. 4.5 (35) This is great information for dog folks to have. Many thanks to this team of researchers, among others (all notably at universities, not from pet food companies) who have been publishing scientific evidence regarding the protein quality, amino acid content, digestibility and safety of various dog food ingredients and products. We are grateful to you all and hope to see more of these types of studies. Although these do not (yet) go so far as to provide us answers to the most important question: “What is the digestibility of the brand of food that I am feeding to my dog?” they provide needed and essential information.

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Hills pet foods include Science Diet, Prescription Diet, Ideal Balance and Healthy Advantage. These foods are well-balanced for both cats and dogs, and are recommended and sold by many veterinarians.

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