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When Indiana was a puppy our trainer told the class that for those who were scared to use a nail clipper or their dogs had black nails and they worried about cutting them she told us about a method where the dog does the work. She said dogs can be trained to use a scratching post just like a cat. A dog needs a stronger scratching post then a cat but the basic idea is the same.

Dec 4, 2015 - DOG, the dog-shaped scratching post for cats is both fun and functional

Designed by for soonsalon, DOG is a dog-shaped scratching post for cats in two colors and two sizes that is shaped like, you guessed it… a dog.

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To prevent cats from taking out their canine-based frustrations on the real thing, pet owners can now purchase dog-shaped scratching posts for their kitties. A note on back paws: this tends to be more difficult to free shape, unless your dog already knows how to target objects with his back feet. What I’ve heard of others doing is capturing their dog’s post-potty back foot scratch, then putting it on cue before putting the board down. Other dogs don’t really need their back paws done because they get naturally ground by walking on cement.

Scared to Clip Your Dogs Nails? Teach Your Dog to File Their Nails

For centuries, cats and dogs have been in an unspoken war that we humans are well-aware of. We know there are several instances where they can all get along just fine, but it’s sort of fun to imagine the scenarios in our mind of world domination for the feline kind. I’m the type of person who naturally just loves cats, and if I hear someone make an off-the-cuff remark about “not liking” cats instantly my make-believe fur stands up on end… how dare they speak ill of my felines? Hiss… spat… rrroww!So, we all know that kitties love to scratch, but what would make those scratching sessions just that much better…and not on your pricy furniture?? Well, has the purrfect solution: dog-shaped cat scratching posts! Now kitties have the chance to get those hyper, slobbery pooches right where they want them!Erik was kind enough to allow me to share his exclusive photos and videos with you, and you’re gonna love them! Enjoy:)

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