Dogs You Can Shave and Dogs You Can't

Seems to be costly right? But, citing the injury risk for the dog in home shaving, you better ask a professional help, because, in the case of damage, a vet will cost way more than a professional dog groomer.

Shave the hair away from the rear end and down the dog's legs, using a light touch.

An image (above) has been doing the rounds after of a dog shaved into ridiculous cubed formations. Everybody is saying it’s from a recent Japanese dog show in Tokyo where shaving dogs’ hair into cubed shapes has become a trend.

Myths when it comes to shaving dogs:

Always use the correct equipment to shave your dog to prevent a bad haircut and a bad experience. It is the best time to shave underarms of your dog as long as he is standing. Lift the right arm and gently run the clipper through. While, holding it tight, repeat with the other arm.

Dogs You Can Shave and Dogs You Can't

Lift the dog’s right leg with one hand and shave under the leg with the other. Repeat with the left leg. Now lift the tail and shave around the bottom. This keeps it clean when the dog goes to the potty.

4. My Dog will look better when shaved:

Wrong! This is NOT the answer. A dog’s coat provides insulation from the heat and sun. Dogs do not perspire like humans do. They only perspire from the pads of their feet and from their noses. They do not “sweat” like humans do. Their cooling process is done via panting from the mouth, sweating at the paws and cooling the blood in their ears. Shaving the dog does nothing to keep the dog cool. It just makes the human feel better when looking at the coated dog.It may seem like a great idea to shave all the hair off. Sure, no more hair all over the house! Except that they will still shed and you will just have small sharp hairs all over the house. What you are doing when you shave your double-coated dogs is actually interrupting the natural shedding process. You are cutting into the top coat, possibly damaging it, and causing the undercoat to grow uninhibited, as the undercoat grows much more quickly than the top coat, or “guard” coat.Also you expose your dog to the sun without protection. Now you have a dog that can come up with a variety of skin problems including skin cancer. Another reason to NOT shave is that the fur acts as a protection against insects and parasites. You remove that protection the dog is exposed to even more insect problems than he would have had if he had been allowed to keep is protective coat.Some dogs can easily be shaved without causing problems – many short-haired breeds are fine to shave, but there are still risks with the procedure and it isn't necessary for the dog's health or comfort. Long-haired breeds with double coats, however, should never be shaved because of the problems that can result from damaging their intricately balanced coats. Dogs such as golden retrievers, German shepherds, Siberian huskies and any dog that seasonally sheds huge clumps of fur (part of its undercoat) should never be shaved.