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I have been shipping Labradors since 1990, however, in that time I have only shipped about 10 puppies and dogs combined. I have only encountered one potential problem, which never really became a problem mainly due to what I believe were certain precautions which I took. During this particular incident, I was actually traveling with two puppies which I was bringing back from Alberta, Canada on United airlines. Unfortunately, the puppies and I had to change airplanes twice, once in Spokane and then again in Chicago. When I got off the plane in Spokane, I immediately went to the ticket person at the exit of the boarding ramp and said.. "Hi, I have two puppies which are traveling with me on this flight which just arrived. I need to be sure that they get off this plane and onto my connecting flight number such-n-such. Could you please contact someone from baggage and make them aware of this?" Then I stood there and made sure that the person got on his little walkie-talkie with someone down in baggage. Well, surprise! The baggage person didn't know there were puppies on board, nor did they know that they were suppose to be put on a connecting flight. In fact, it took the baggage person about 15 minutes to locate my little ones because they had been put in the wrong baggage section of the plane. Whew! Talk about a close call. They would have been on their way to Los Angeles. Then I went to my connecting flight's boarding ramp and said to the ticket person there..."Hi, I'm traveling with two puppies and I want to confirm that they have been transferred to this flight from flight number such-n-such." No problem. Mr. Ticket person got on his walkie-talkie and then reported that "Yes, the puppies have been placed on this flight." Then and only then did I board the aircraft. Well, due to a storm over Chicago, my flight pulled in about 5 min before my connecting flight was scheduled to depart. Luckily, the connecting flight was just across the hallway. I ran down the boarding ramp. This time I didn't bother to stop at the ticket collection counter from my arriving flight but went immediately to Ms. Ticket person at the connecting flight's boarding ramp and spilled my story. She got on her walkie-talkie and verified that the puppies were being boarded on the connecting flight at that moment. Whew! We all arrived in Providence safely.

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In reality, many corporations hold contracts with one pet transport company. They do not want to deal with dozens of pet shippers internationally. Therefore one pet agent makes the arrangements to move pets from place to place even if the move is not within their city or state, or country. Many of us, even without corporate contracts, do the same thing. Since there is a network of us around the world, and we all work together. So my company does not need to be in your city or state to make the arrangements for a shipment. Airborne Animals LLC can use a local agent who will handle the physical movement of your pet, and to supply the shipping crate if needed, while we will handle the airline arrangements, security forms, & the agent on the receiving end. What kinds of pets do you move? Airborne Animals will arrange transportation of dogs, cats, birds, and other small pets (rabbits, ferrets, etc.) as well as turtles, tortoises and reptiles. We do not relocate fish. We have also assisted with small farm animals - miniature horses, goats, and pigs - and even some exotic animals like hyenas, primates and a coudamundi. Keep in mind that most birds and exotic pets require special permits to move internationally. Is shipping a pet in cargo safe? Airborne Animals LLC would not be in business if we were afraid to ship pets via commercial airline cargo services. One of my own dogs was purchased and flown to me! We utilize the services of commercial airlines who ship lots of pets and know how to do it well. Many airlines have their own pet care facilities at their respective hubs, which can provide pet care upon arrival and during layovers. In many aircraft the same air circulated through the cabin and then downstairs in the cargo area and back up again. Federal regulations stipulate the minimum requirements each airline must meet in order to accept pets, including climate controlled areas for pets. And yes, the entire plane is pressurized – it would implode at high altitudes if it were not. But why do I always hear horror stories in the news? Keep in mind the media always focus on the bad things in life. In reality, airline reports show fewer than 30 animal injuries or deaths in an average year. Compare that to the statistic of over a million and half pets flying per year; it means on a fraction of one percent ever have a problem. In reality, most problems are caused by good intentioned pet owners who do not know about shipping pets. Using an inexpensive crate for example, creates a bigger chance of escape than using a heavier more expensive model; flimsier plastic kennels are more likely to have doors that pop open.

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