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Evaluate your dog's lifestyle and chewing habits. Many dogs develop destructive chewing problems out of boredom, stress, frustration and anxiety. Is your dog getting enough exercise and mental stimulation during the day? Is your dog chewing the shoes only when left alone during the day? Does your dog have access to appropriate chew toys? Is your dog a puppy in the teething stage? While it is true that a tired dog is a good dog, keep in mind that shoes will always retain a certain appeal, and as opportunistic beings, dogs will likely not pass up the chance to enjoy them if they are readily available.

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Now walking around funny in his shoes for the first time is not panic. He's getting a feel for them and they are adjusting a bit to his foot. If he panics, you will know it. But with patience and following these instructions he should be in all four and walking in a week. Just do this when YOU are not rushed and have time. As animals think in pictures and emotions, it helps to visualize a happy dog with his shoes on getting his favorite treat.

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Dogs will look hip and fabulous in these kickin' Graffiti Converse Dog Shoes by Parisian Pet! ust like human feet, dogs' paws can suffer from prolonged exposure to the elements, especially in extreme temperatures in the winter and summer months. The pads on dogs' paws can easily crack or dry when exposed to outdoor chemicals or abrasions from salt and stones. But by getting your dog used to wearing dog shoes or boots, you can prevent paw injuries.

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When warm weather arrives, it becomes time for all of us to break out the sandals and airy, breathable shoes. Dog sandals aren’t just cute. They also protect paws from burning hot pavement as well as sand, and are great for preventing irritating seasonal grass allergies while still letting the paws breathe.

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That's why we design and manufacture a full line of high quality, innovative, orthopedic and easy-to-use products with the animal's safety, comfort and performance in mind. Our products include: Orthopedic dog shoes/boots, dog life and safety jackets/vests, rain body suits, dog collars & leashes, dog seat belts, dog muzzles, pet carriers, cool beds, dog & people jewellery and accessories, vitamins and remedies and much more! With the ever growing dog population worldwide, people are now really paying attention to their pets' needs. They feed them better food, supplement them with vitamins and also know that their dogs need shoes.I suppose if they were still in the wild with a shorter life span, it may be true, but these days both city and country living offer many reasons why people would use dog shoes for their Best Friends.If added quality, strength and performance are required, High Performance™ shoes are the footwear of choice. They are more rugged resulting in a longer life span. A dog does not have to be an athlete to wear the High Performance™ shoes.