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We want to live at the best house that we are able to afford, am I right or is it just mine dream? As far as I am concerned, it is a good way of thinking, also according to our pets. For instance, lovely and adorable dogs deserve having a beautiful place to sleep, eat and have fun. I would like to show you decorative dog’s crates and kennels. Hope that you will feel inspired to buy your dog the most amazing one!

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Dog comfort and transport are two very important things to competitive dog owners. Our selection of dog crates and kennels offers an array of styles, sizes, colors and applications from everyday travel, long road trips to the next dog show or airline transport. J&J Dog Supplies offers everything you need for dog comfort when it comes to dog crates and kennels.

I would like to show you decorative dog's crates and kennels

Dog Show Crates The question that the Continental rep had is very common within the show community too because nobody trusts the plastic folding dog crates due to their terrible design, but there is a massive difference between ours and the plastic dog crate folding style.

East Coast Crates aluminum dog crates

Between the crates that were first made by Bob McKee and the others that followed through the years, there certainly have been tens if not hundreds of thosands of dogs flown not just domestically in America, but all over the world on all of the airlines. All of the manufacturers have sold into the overseas markets as well as through north and south America, so they are used all over. The serious dog exhibitors and their professional handlers go somewhere almost every week. When there is a National Specialty show for a certain breed there can be an entry of hundreds to over 2000 dogs as there were in the Golden Retriever show back in October in OK. A good number of those dogs are flown in because the people will not drive that far if they live on either coast for example and that is just one show of hundreds held annually.

East Coast Crates custom aluminum dog crates