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The Life Stages Double Door Folding Dog Crate is the next biggest seller and has a door on one end just like the single door crate. If you view the crate from the end with the door, it also has a door on the long side to your right, allowing side entry to the crate. This door also hinges on the left and opens outwards. Due to the extra door, the double door model is a little more expensive than the single door, but is more flexible. Instead of having to access the end of the crate, you can access one end or one side. This allows the crate to be placed sideways between two pieces of furniture, or side on in the back of your wagon or SUV. Tell me more about: .

Don't hide your dog's crate! Cover it with a crate cover that matches your style. Our covers open on two sides so you can position your crate however you like.

The bottom panel itself can be removed for easy cleaning, and since the crate as a whole is made of waterproof material you’ll be able to wash it out easily if your animal does have an accident. Three of the sides open up, and as a bonus the top also unzips, allowing you to feed or water your dog without having to open the sides.

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Side-Entry Fully Opening Solid Mahogany Dog Crate · Crate FurnitureWood DogDog CratesGeorgeousSolid Wood Wyatt has a Pet Gear Crate which we prefer because of the extra large side opening. This is especially helpful for dogs recovering from surgery. With a bigger door that opens on the wide side of the crate – instead of the small doors found on the ends of most crates – new tripawds can maneuver in and out of the crate more easily. These Pet Gear crates are also collapsible and very portable which is perfect for .

If so, you may want to take a look into soft dog crates

What if there was a light-weight crate, a patented crate no less, that folded up just like a camping chair, but came in sizes small enough for a Pekingese but also large enough for a Mastiff? Well, you're in luck because here it is! 660D Rip Stop Covering, Screen Openings, Zippered Door on side and a Top Opening, and absolutely easy to open and close with it's Pop-Up mechanism.… This Crate is specifically designed for the traveling comfort of Crate Trained Dogs who enjoy getting out on the road. This crate is made to be used under owner supervision in car or hotel room…Can be strapped down in vehicle uses metal handles on the side of the Dog Digs.

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Pet Coffee Table: we recently moved to New York City and needed a new "crate" for our two dogs that took up less space. My incredible father, an architect, created this for us: a coffee table that also serves as a dog house. There is a barrier wall inside, and two separate entrances on the short ends of the table. The lid comes off to give us access to the interior, and the bottom is open to the floor in case of accidents. We recommend this convenient DIY project to other pet families!Life Stages LARGE dog crate. 42Lx28Wx31H. Used once, perfect condition. Front and side opening with detachable crate divider. Bought new for $75. SELLING FOR $50