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As the name implies, a silent dog whistle is capable of producing sounds at higher frequencies than those perceptible by humans, but well within the dog's range. You can blow through a silent dog whistle and hear the air blowing through it, but often without hearing a sound. However, a dog training whistle may also emit frequencies as low as 16,000 Hertz which are audible by humans.

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You may have little to complain about when it comes to your best friend’s behavior, but their barking has gotten louder and wakes you middle of the night. Now you’re ready to do something about it.

How to Train Your Dog With Silent Signals

Silent Dog Training Whistle - Acme Whistles was added to your Shopping Cart. This is the continuation of the method that Delmar developed in his "Best way to Train your Gundog" book that was a classic for years. It is the Silent Command method mainly because they are not big fans of using all sorts of commands with your dog until the dog understands what's going on.

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Silent dog whistles work off a really high frequency and dogs can hear them. But it's just like any other whistle. We occasionally have someone who will buy it and go, "Well my dog didn't respond to it." Well, silent whistles don't make dogs do things. You have to train them what the whistle means the same way you would any other command.

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This video will give you an overview and outline of the Silent Command Dog Training System developed by the Smiths and used in their training programs, seminars and magazine articles in Pointing Dog Journal. It's called the Silent Command System because it is based on using the language your dog already knows, and verbal commands are not added until the correct behavior is being performed. They believe in a strong foundation of the basics building on the language and instincts that dogs already have. Using this system, your dog will learn more easily because he doesn't have to learn our language, and we will be eliminating the frustration that can result when dogs are pushed too fast and too hard.This is an effective training tool since it will get the dog's attention without the need to shout over long distances or when the dog is out of sight. If you are interested in training your hunting dog or herding dog to obey to a silent dog whistle, you will need to practice a bit before you and your dog get it right.This video continues from where the Silent Command System Foundation DVD leaves off. Rick shows you how to use the point of contact on the neck as a remote command with the e-collar. Transition from a Command Lead to the e-collar smoothly with the foundation training your dog already has. The goal is for your dog to hunt for you, not you hunt for your dog.We would love to work with your bird dog and are able to accept a wide variety of dogs here for training. Our bird dog training format (also known as the Silent Command System) has been developed through generations of our family training dogs and works for any dog, whether a pointing dog, flushing dog, gun dog, or field trial prospect. We have drawn on all of our experiences working with animals to develop a dog training format that works for each dog. Like any successful school curriculum, our training system begins with the fundamentals and builds skills based on that solid foundation.