Building a Doghouse Step by Step

There are several important features to consider when you are shopping for outdoor dog houses: size, construction materials, climate and appropriate accessories. We have a large selection of outdoor dog houses so our customers will be able to find the perfect one with all desired features.

Any dog (no matter size or breed) is welcome to  to become a member of The Doghouse of Barrington.

Size of Sleeping Area Floor Space - With each inch of your dog's height (measured from top of shoulder to ground) allow 36 square inches of floor space. For example, a dog 12 inches tall needs 432 square inches of floor space, or a floor area of 16" by 27" = 432 square inches.

Height of Sleeping Area - Add 1 or 2 inches to your dog's measurement when in a sitting position (from top of head to ground), in order to determine the ceiling height. For example, a dog 12 inches tall will have a sitting height of about 14 inches and the doghouse ceiling should be 15 or 16 inches high.

Overall Doghouse Dimensions - For example, a Dalmatian (20" tall, sitting height 23") doghouse should measure: sleeping area - 20"x36"; hall area - 12"x20"; ceiling height - 25"; doorways - 10" square; roof - 36"x72".

Sizing a dog house - Classy Pet Shop

In the A-B-C method, there are three measurements that are needed to determine the size of a dog house. They are defined as follows: - our very own DIY entry! An insulated medium-sized dog house with a removable roof for ease of cleaning, a cedar deck with roof, an optional inner wall, and solid construction throughout. Lots of photos and detailed construction instructions.

You want to make the correct decision for the proper size dog house

- A simple but functional dog house with a gently sloped roof, an offset doorway, interior wind break, and a 2x4 raised floor. One of the nice features with this plan is that all the measurements are given in terms of your dog's size so you can easily custom build the house to fit your dog. Example: dimension X is dog's length plus 12". [ PDF format].

Dimensions & Sizing - Dogmestic

- One person's adventure in building a new dog house for his two "enormous dogs". Lots of pictures, descriptions, and ruminations about the subject of building a dog house from scratch. The author says the roof was the trickiest part but he figured it out with the help of a steel 30-60-90 triangle and his " jughead buddy, Pendejo". Good job Jug Head! These plans are perhaps the most comprehensive dog house plans on the Internet but note that the author says he is not a dog or woodworking expert. And true, some of the construction practices are a bit questionable. For example, the doorway was sized to accommodate the largest dog's standing height -- of course, we all know that a doorway should be just slightly larger than a dog's chest depth in order to better retain body heat during the winter. - Plans for a medium-sized dog house that can be easily built by a moderately experienced carpenter over the course of a weekend. The design features a conventional pitched roof with a matching pitched entrance. The structure is made from 2"x4" studs and plywood (Georgia-Pacific's brand of course) with pressure-treated lumber for the raised base (make sure you cover that material so the dog can't chew on it). All in all, a simple but functional dog house.