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our dog was sprayed by a skunk and I did not look forward to the multiple cans of tomato juice. I saw a recommendation for Natures Miracle skunk odor remover on the Humane Society website. I decided it was worth a try. One wash and there was absolutely no smell left. I am going to try some o their other products now too.

The following solution is what dogIDs recommends for removing skunk odor from your dog:

Now let’s go back to the home remedies and quickly dispell why it should not be your only means in getting rid of skunk smell when you dog gets sprayed. Here is a common homemade skunk odor removal recipe that you can easily find online below. Take a look and we will go over the positive and negatives of going with this remedy

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On demand 24 /7 skunk odor removal from your dog and home. Quick, Safe, Effective, Proven. In short, skunk odor will go everywhere in your house. You may find yourself even having to dump food from your cupboards and refrigerator or freezer. It is that powerful. In our case, we were able to get the dogs out into the backyard and begin removing the smell right away, so the household damage was relatively minor. However, we could smell it for a good 2-3 weeks afterward, even employing some of the methods listed below:

Natures Miracle Skunk Odor Removal for Dogs

P.S. I forgot to ask, what do you do once the skunk odor removing solution is dry? Should it be rinsed off with water, should the dog be shampooed, or should the dry residue be vacuumed from the dog’s fur? Please advise what the follow-up should be – it would be very helpful to have this information! Thanks again!

Natures Miracle Skunk Odor Removal for dogs! Best Remedy ever!

Another method to remove odor from a "skunked" dog is to bathe that animal in a tub using Massengill's Douche solution! One reader says "it took 4 boxes to do a dog the size of our 90 lb greyhound but it worked!" One day after his unfortunate encounter with the skunk, followed by the Massengill's bath, Ch Shazam's The Journey Begins was BEST IN SHOW!Possibly nothing in my life has brought more frenzied panic than the moment I realized my dog had been sprayed by a skunk. Because it was just five in the morning and my nose had not yet awoken, I leaned against the open door and invited the smelly mutt inside. Then, gasping in horror, I spent what felt like three hours trying to chase down the equally panicked animal and herd him back out the door. Thus began an adventure I’ll not soon forget, from finding a place to wash the beast to deciding what would best remove the hideous skunk odor. It did make a great story for my students, however, when I finally limped into the classroom trying hard to forget the stench that still hovered at home.This tip on removing skunk odor came from Kim and Colin Fritzler, Windrock Sighthounds who says they first heard about it from a taxidermist. They subsequently shared the skunk-smell remedy with the Colorado Division of Wildlife and Kim says "it has had hundreds applications on all kinds of dogs, kitties, pot bellied pigs, etc., and it really does work."Choose skunk odor remover that will help you get rid of the skunk smell on your dog. Since your must act fast when a skunk strikes, it’s nice to have everything you need on hand. The following solution has worked for many people and is a favorite among home remedies: mix 1 qt. of 3% hydrogen peroxide, ¼ to ½ cups baking soda and 1 – 2 tsp. dish soap. (It’s important not to store this in a closed container since the mixture of these ingredients creates pressure and could burst.) Another thing to keep in mind is the bleaching effect hydrogen peroxide could have on your dog’s coat. If this is a concern, try substituting vinegar for the peroxide.