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Many years ago, I dated a gentleman with a sliding dog. As we, dog included, rode down in the elevator to the lobby of his apartment building, the dog started a whole body tremble. Why? The gargantuan lobby with its highly polished marble floor caused the dog to slide and slip on its way outside. In an attempt to counteract the forces of gravity, the dog would curl his toes under searching for traction, while scrabbling his legs as fast as possible, hoping to avoid the inevitable wipeout on the traction-less marble. With that scenario in mind, here are my suggestions for helping dogs who slip and slide while walking.

We’ve seen many “dogs slipping on ice” videos, but the recipe for the perfect one usually contains the following:

What I will do is collect a male and examine his sperm. If the male is young, healthy and full of sperm breeding one or two times is all that's necessary (on a natural breeding sperm can live 4 days in the bitch - less of A.I.'s). As the stud ages and there is noticeably less sperm it may be a better idea to breed more often. I will also collect a male several days in a row and watch how this effects the dogs sperm production. If a dog can continue to produce enough healthy sperm you will know if he is capable of breeding 2 females on alternate days. When you collect sperm its a good idea to warm the slide to body temperature (101 degrees) before depositing the sperm to be examined. You will have a better idea of the mobility of the sperm that way rather than put them on a cold slide.

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3 Tips for Floor Traction: Preventing Dogs from Slip Sliding on Slick Surfaces .. These dogs absolutely LOVE playing on slides and want more and more! Just too cute!

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Lab tests have shown that cats don't love you the way dogs do

I don’t know about your dogs but Indiana and Davinia both enjoy or at least enjoyed going down slides when they were younger. We haven’t had much opportunity to see if they still find it fun but ever since I had the fence put up in the backyard I have been thinking about finding a little kids slide at a yard sale and washing it down and then putting it in the yard for them to play on.

Funny Dogs on Water Slides Compilation (2014) - YouTube

Truckee the avalanche dog had a huge week with a video of him doing his trademark belly slide going full viral on facebook with 1.9M views, its no big surprise the marketing department over at Heavenly decided to capitalize on his internet stardom with a little profile video and good for them, we could all use a bit of dogs like Truckee in our lives. Enjoy.Watch as this adorable Black Labrador dog named Rafi body slides down in lake tahoe. Looks like the little guy knows how to have some fun!

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