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For the past year, my 2 year old, 74 lb. Am. Bulldog/Pit Mix had instantly destroyed every bed I put in his crate (only took him 2 hours to shred another well known "" bed), but I think he finally met his match. I purchased the aluminum bed with ballistic nylon sling and have been using it for about 2 weeks. Jake loves it. He has not tried to chew or destroy any part of it. I even find him in the crate laying down on it with the door open. The bed may be a little expensive, but I think it is worth it. Overall I am VERY happy with this bed.

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for these hems since they won’t take a lot of abuse from the dogs using the beds. The narrow slings should have a finished width of 23″ and the wider slings should be 29″.

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Designer Dog Slings - Sling Carrier, Dog Bed Sling, Dog Carrier, Doggy Slings, Doggy, Susan Lanci Dogs are like humans and when they hit that age they start developing problems with their body. One of the most common problems in canines such as German Shepherds, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers, Mastiffs and even small breeds such as Spaniels and Pugs is arthritis and hip problems known as Hip Dysplasia. No one likes to see their dog go through the pain of a bad hip and sleeping on the ground only makes it worse! Our pvc dog beds provide quality rest and stress relief with the dog bed sling design providing the same solution as a tempur-pedic bed or a sling hammock would for a human. Give your pets the comfortable experience with our quality design dog beds! We have tested our design and found the exact combination of what we have seen that dogs want to jump up on our dog beds and take a nap!

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The is our goal, while providing and making our dog beds 30% cheaper than any competition we believe we have the best solution for raised and elevated pvc beds for dogs! Large dog beds are the biggest market we have due to the sling design for extra large dog beds

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Puppy Pouch Dog Bed~Cuddle Bed For Your Tiny Dog~Converts To Sling Tote~Star Wars! by ImNotOldImVintaged on Etsy Wouldn't your little "Yoda" love to cuddle inside this cozy puppy pouch? This is the latest design in the R&J Pooch Pouch Collection. Come and see all the current designs available!Tracey, The measurements for the large dog cot make a bed that’s 30 x 36 and should fit in the crate. I would make the frame first and make sure the bare frame fits and then sew the slings to go on it. All the details can be found at ./ hover over image to zoom plastic swimming pools for dogs at kmart, sling dog bed red kmart. Plastic dinosaurs 30 pieces kmart, vintage portable cassette tape player recorder by kmart pre. 2 ring inflatable pool kmart, popular swim mattress buy cheap swim mattress lots from china swim. Plastic pet bowl round kmart, outdoor living garden furniture accessories kmart. Pet teepee kmart puppy love pinterest products, teepees, 17 best ideas about kmart coupons kmart coupon code. Pools & swimming kmartnz, 4 piece wicker look conversation set black kmart. Plush walking dog kmartnz, cat shop cat accessories & cat supplies kmart. Tee pee play tent peach kmart, rattan style storage tub white kmart.hi! i want to make my dog bed 24 x 24. also, i am trying to use supplies i already have. so. i have 4 pieces of 3/4″ pvc pipe, each one is 24″ long. i have the 4 connectors also. can you please help me with the sling dimensions? going for the medium bed, if possible. Thank you!! this is such an awesome tutorial, i can’t wait to get started!