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There are "slow feeder" bowls that are made to slow down rapid eaters. The bowls come in different shapes and sizes. They can be purchased in stores or online. You can also use a bundt pan or put a tennis ball in a normal bowl, which works on the same principle. If you put some kind of obstruction between your dog and the food, he will have no choice but to slow down.

Use a muffin tin to make your dog eat slower, and to prevent upset stomach.

We haven’t tried all of the slow feeder dog bowls on the market (yet), but we have tried quite a few. In fact, when we first started looking for a solution to Stetson’s fast eating over 5 years ago we were only able to find 1 dog bowl designed for fast eating dogs.

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This is a video on how to get your dog to eat slower with one simple trick. A dog slow feeder. If the speed at which your dog eats makes you nervous, or if she routinely chokes or vomits during or immediately after a meal because she ate too fast, or if you have a breed prone to bloat, here are some useful tips for slowing her down.

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I wonder if Philly came from a large litter. Her eager appetite and anxious stance while she is eating suggests that she may have had to compete with her littermates for food. In any event she is showing classic guarding behavior by wolfing down her food before anyone else can get to it. This behavior can cause problems such as vomiting when she eats too fast, food aggression and gastric dilatation, or volvulus, which is also known as bloat. Bloat is a serious condition and can occur when a dog swallows too much air during a meal causing distension of the stomach and predisposing it to twist over on itself. Philly is still young so it shouldn’t be too hard to slow her down and to try to make her feel more at ease during meal times.

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There are several dog bowls on the market to help slow your dog's eating, recommends Vetstreet. These dishes typically have a large raised portion in the middle, which creates a narrow groove around the center that the pup must eat his kibble from. Some versions have several smaller raised parts throughout the bowl. These raised parts create obstructions for Fido so that he can't simply shovel a large amount of kibble into his mouth. Instead, he must nibble at his food as he works his way around the bowl's obstructions. These low-tech bowls are typically inexpensive, around $4 to $10, and come in a variety of materials including plastic, ceramic and stainless steel.I am regularly asked how to train a dog to eat more slowly, and my answer is that it’s easier to make it physically impossible for them to eat that fast than it is to train them to eat slowly. There are a lot of ways to do this, but they all use the same principle, which is to set up a system that doesn’t allow them to eat more than a little bit of food at a time.