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Wash your dog as you normally would, then follow through with this rinse, or it can also be used in-between bathing. Bath, preferably with a natural shampoo. If you’re dealing with yeast, don’t go using anything which contains Oatmeal.
This can be used just as a rinse: Saturate the dogs coat and skin well with clean water. Gently squeeze or towel dry so not dripping, but still wet. Take a small hand towel, saturate the towel and then in a wiping and squeezing motion, saturate the dogs coat and skin with the solution. This should ensure the solution gets to the skin. Let dog drip dry naturally. If cold season, let dry in warm room on a towel.

• Snap-on pedestals let you set the Booster Bath 4

Owners of small dogs have an advantage: they can just plop the dog in a sink or laundry tub. But if you can’t fit your dog in a sink, use the bathtub, or get in the shower with her and use a detachable nozzle. A portable doggie tub is also an option. While some tubs are made of heavy plastic, others are collapsible and can easily be used outside or in the laundry room or mudroom. Some grooming or pet supply stores rent out dog tubs and towels.

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Dog-Bath Packages for Small, Medium, or Large Dog at Great Companions (Up to 43% Off) Aspirin Mix- Crush two aspirin tablets and mix with a small amount of rubbing alcohol (do not administer by mouth). This mixture can be applied directly to affected areas of skin using cotton wool or cotton swabs. For maximum effect, apply in conjunction with one of the previously listed remedies.
Give your dog a bath – There is a common misconception that you shouldn’t bathe your dogs very often and that doing so can make skin conditions worse. Most veterinarians treat skin disease through a combination of steroids and antibiotics. But if you’re like me, you want to stay away from harsh drugs and try all natural courses of action first. The use of ’shampoo therapy’ to treat skin conditions may be the most overlooked natural therapy for dogs with skin disease. Read more about how

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Regular grooming is an important part of responsible dog care, even if it may seem like your dog is taking care of those needs by himself. If you don’t have a routine set, start small. Attempt one task each time. Brush one day. Then bathe the next. And trim the nails on yet another day. The shorter you can keep each session, the better.

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Thisportable pet tub from Flying Pig seems to be their own take on thepopular listed higher up this page. We've, of course, seen Flying Pig'shigh-end products before in the form of professional grooming tubs, andso we were happy to see them aiming an item towards the more domesticdog-bathers out there! The bath is available in both blue and whitecolors and is built to take small to medium-sized animals (up to 150pounds). The durable plastic tub sits upon a sturdy, but lightweight,leg assembly which can be leveled to cope with uneven floors. Like theaforementioned , it comes with a drain hose for easier emptying via asimple plug hole. The design also boasts three restrainingeyelets, built-in bottle holders and a paw print-patternednon-slip floor. The product is a simple one but we liked it when we sawit. It doesn't have the extras which the hasavailable for it such as a fan nozzle, but it is at a competitive pricefor a raised dog tub. Nothing works like simplicity and, despite thelack of extras, we are happy to award it four and a half stars! Asyou can see this tub borrows much (if not all) from the popular ‘FlyingPig’ bath above. The look and the main materials are thesame –a durable, UV protected plastic tub which sits upon stainless steellegs with levelers. This has certainly been a winning formula forFlying Pig and so it’s no surprise that very similar versions are beingmade. The main apparent difference with the Mophorn tub is its sizewhich isslightly smaller - but that might just be a measuring issue! The restis very much alike: a pawprint floor at the base of the bath helps prevent slipping; threerestraint eyelets sit at one end of the tub for connection to asuitable leash or tether; a simple plug hole leads to a short,directional hose for emptying into either a nearby drain or bowl - theMophorn may just be a re-badged version of the Flying Pig! Beingnew out, there are only a few reviews at the time of writing –butthey aregood ones! And so if you’re looking for a domestic dog tub this mightbe worth considering - especially if it turns out to be even cheaperthan the Flying Pig bath!