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You can also purchase double-ended toothbrushes for dogs, which have bristles on each end of the handle. One end has a smaller head, fewer bristles and is specifically designed for the smaller teeth in the front of your dog’s mouth. The other end is longer, wider and is designed for the larger teeth in the back.

If you have a small dog with lots of fur and sensitive skin, this is brush would be a solid choice.

If your dog prefers a finger brush, the is the best. If you’ve got a small breed or a dog with a lot of overcrowded teeth, this is going to be your best bet. When the teeth are very close together, perhaps even growing into each other, it’s very hard to get into all the nooks and crannies in your pet’s mouth with a traditional toothbrush.

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Due to its compact, easy to hold size- this brush is the best choice for smaller dogs. Rather, they are stuffed with personality, charm, and intelligence. They are less active than most fluffy small breeddogs which make them perfect for apartment living. But that plush coat does require some work,so purchase a few good brushes, and get to work.

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Use our Martha Stewart Pets Dog Slicker Brush in short, firm strokes to help remove mats and tangles from your dog's underbelly and coat. The brush is recommended for small dogs with medium, long, or curly hair. Only at PetSmart. Features: Two pin lengths Used For: Dogs Health Consideration: Skin & Coat Care Instructions: Wipe clean with soft, dry cloth. Cau

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Small dog maintenance comes down to two things: brushing and vacuuming. Some breeds are almost maintenance-free and only require an occasional brushing and don't drop virtually any hair so you don't have to vacuum. Cheap brushes are well Cheap. Pins break, slicker pins wear down and bristle brushes fray. I don't know any brush that lasts the life time of a small dog, especially with daily brushings, but your chance of keeping a high quality brush for years is much better than purchasing an inexpensive brush.
Now comes the part where we match the brush to the dog's hair type. But first, let's examine the different types of hair found on small breed dogs. Doit yourself dog grooming often means brushing, brushing, brushing, especially if you have any type of small dog except the short haired dog breeds. Apply a small amount of toothpaste to the toothbrush. Gently raise your dog's lips on one side. You can either do this by pushing up on the lip with the index finger of your free hand (as shown in the diagram) or by placing your free hand over your dog's head with your thumb and index finger on opposite sides of your dog's upper jaw to lift his lips.

High shedding dog? Want the best grooming tool for your pet? Best brush for your small dog or even best brush for medium and large dogs? Hey maybe this pet comb brush thing even works on cats? Today I review one of my best purchases of the year, a shedding eliminating crazy brush puppy device I ordered off of Amazon and received in a whopping two days!?