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The , or Scottie, is a breed known for its boldness, confidence, and big personality. The wiry, weather-resistant coat sheds very little, although they do need regular brushing, grooming, and the occasional hand-stripping to keep their coats healthy and to maintain the breed outline. Scotties are clever and independent dogs with strong prey drives, which means owners must take care around smaller animals.

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This is a ONE ON ONE personal care service for your SMALL DOG. Lola (resident chihuahua) is the host and we will board just ONE SMALL VISITOR...

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The Cottage Small Dog Daycare Only about 60 percent of dogs are actually well-suited to day care according to Jonathan Klein, a Los Angeles-based dog trainer and behaviorist who runs the training and boarding facility I Said Sit School for Dogs. Twenty percent are too aggressive around other dogs, while the remaining 20 percent are too fearful. Further, inadvertently selecting a mediocre day care center can have disastrous consequences for any dog. To top things off, small dogs are more likely to struggle with day care due to their diminutive size and penchant for human interaction. So before you pack up your pup, do some homework.

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First, take an honest assessment of your pet's personality. Is he comfortable in different settings and separated from you? Did you socialize him to other animals as a puppy? If the answers are yes, carefully critique your day care options. Heidi Ganahl, CEO and founder of Camp Bow Wow, the nation's largest pet services company, advises looking for a clean facility that separates dogs by size and has a staffing ratio for smaller dogs that's better than the standard 1:15. "Small dogs, and especially teacups, like to be with people more than other dogs, and like to have a lap to sit on," she says. "A staffing ratio of, say, 1:7 for teacups is much better because they like more loving."

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A Dog's Dream opened in April of 2010 to provide a truly unique environment for your four legged family member. Our facility is equipped with two 600-square-foot doggy daycare play areas exclusively for small dogs, a grooming salon for all breeds and sizes, and a boutique where parents can find some of the trendiest accessories, treats, all natural pet food, and spa products for your pets. We are Rochester’'s Premier Doggy Daycare exclusively for small dogs because small dogs interact and play in a very different way! We are Rochester’s Premier Doggy Daycare exclusively for small dogs because small dogs interact and play in a very different way! We offer a vastly different experience for small dogs than any other area. Because small dogs and big dogs interact and play in a very different way, they are sometimes divided into two groups in traditional daycares. A Dog's Dream goes a step beyond that to offer a completely separate environment where little dogs can get the precise treatment, love, and care they deserve. A place all their own! This is truly the ONLY way to ensure that your dog is never in a group with large dogs!The Cottage Small Dog Day Care is a homey place with a warm, loving atmosphere. At the end of the day, all little dogs are tucked into bed in our sleep-over room with a good-night treat and their favorite toy. Make a reservation with the form below.