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Designer, handmade, witchy owls Halloween Dresses for Dogs for small teacup and toy breed pets like Maltese, yorkies and Shih Tzus at Little Dog Fashion Pet Boutique

Dog dresses are purely fashion accessories and are mainly worn on toy and small breed dogs.

Today it is common for people to dress up their dogs, particularly small dogs, and canine clothing has become a global . In 2011, there was a dog fashion show in New York called Last Bark at Bryant Park.

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Small Dog Harness- Pet Harnesses, Fashionable Dog Harness, Dog Soft Harness, Susan Lanci Whether you're heading to a patio bistro lunch, out for a day of shopping, or simply going to the market and back—none of these ventures would be any fun without your precious fur baby in tow! Why should your furry friend have to stay home when they can be brought along in comfort and in style? Those were our thoughts exactly when selecting our fashionable and functional small dog carriers for the pampered pooch on the go.

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Some designers offer high fashion “couture” lines for pets or accept custom orders for specialty items that the pet owner requests. Another design possibility would involve creating high-quality pet carrier “purses” that owners can use to transport their small dogs.

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The Chihuahua Shop has also been stocking the latest hats for dogs, which customers are loving. These caps and hats for smaller dogs let your dog walk with style. And if you mix all these up–the chihuahua clothes with the dog collars and the puppy hats– you wind up with a fashion dog in your house. You can find small chihuahua supplies at our , along with all the other chihuahua fashion and dog accessories that you’ll need for making your dog into a fashion super star!As the owner of the Chihuahua Shop, I’m constantly on the lookout for new small dog supplies to bring to the puppy boutique. It’s not that the store doesn’t already have a great variety of chihuahua clothes and small dog accessories. But I just enjoying giving my puppy shop customers something new to look at and pick up for their small pet dogs. And aside from the chihuahua clothing and small dog fashion we carry at this puppy store, our small dog accessories are selling like crazy at the moment.