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that goes under the chest and by the front legs is lined in velvet for comfort and also minimizes the possibility of chafing. With a different color web by the top leash attachment ring, it makes it super easy for you to visualize how to put this harness on your dog. This dog harness is unique in that it provides a ring on the front chest and a ring on the back by the shoulders to attach a leash. If you are looking for control and to train your dog to walk by you without choking, this is the harness you need. You can attach leashes to both rings or even just to the front ring for control of the direction your dog's shoulders will go. When your dog pulls forward, the harness will re-direct your dog back to you. It's a no-pull dog harness! With verbal commands and consistency your dog will learn to heel by you and at some point you may just use the ring on the back for lead attachment. Love these harnesses that are made for small to very big dogs and give everyone the right amount of freedom.

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But don't forget, even with the best equipment, your dog still needs to be trained. Teach your dog to walk nicely on a loose leash. Attend an obedience or dog training class. Practice, Practice, Practice!!!!Below is a list of 5 of the best harnesses for dogs that pull. All of these harnesses have been highly rated. I don't like to recommend just one, and don't believe there is just one BEST harness. We all have different dogs of different sizes, energy, and personalities. We all walk and play with our dogs in different ways. If you are looking for a harness to stop your dog from pulling you along while on your walk, have a look at the harnesses below. Before you buy a harness, read the sizing guides. All harnesses are different and they are made with small differece to make the unique. There are 2 main types of harnesses, the step in harness and the over head harness.

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No Pull Padded Dog Harness For Large Medium Small Dog s With Dog Leash. We're working on loose leash walking. I've been using the Easy Walk harness in situations when I know my dog will pull. I use the flat collar when I can click & treat for position and calm behavior. So she normally wears both and I switch between the two depending on how it is going and how exciting the circumstances of the walk are. I have a small dog that used lunge, jerk, forge, plow and our progress, while it has not been overnight, has been gratifying. FWIW, she hated the head halter, even though I tried to gradually accustom her to it as directed. She's not too crazy about the Easy Walk harness either even though it is fitted to the best of my ability. The article makes sense and I'm going to switch to another front attach harness that won't ride as low or be as restrictive. Thanks!

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The harness comes in sizes ranging from extra small to double extra-large and has four adjustable points to allow you to customize the fit to your needs. If you are looking for a colorful, customizable, and effective leash for your dog, this is a great choice.

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