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Cons: Not as attractive as other outdoor dog kennels. Some also note that the large gaps are not safe for puppies, and that the holes at the top and bottom of the gate can allow a small dog to escape. For this reason, this kennel is probably only suitable for larger dogs.

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This also works if you have a mutt that you got from a pet agency and you don’t know exactly how large the dog is going to get. You can start off with a smaller outdoor dog kennel and then expand the dog kennel through chain-link dog kennel panels so that the dog kennel is the proper size for your pup.

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PetPlanet Outdoor Dog Kennel House : Small Wooden Apex with Opening Roof While it is a good idea for all dogs to have a kennel, some dog owners are looking to confine their dog while they are out, but want more space than wire or plastic kennels. In this case some people use an outdoor kennel indoors; however this can take up a lot of space. A more common solution is to use dog gates to close off a space or room giving your dog a large area to walk around but not access to the whole house. Another option forare dog play pens. These are usually made from plastic or heavy gauge wire and resemble large dog kennels just on a smaller scale. These are a good idea for keeping your small dog restricted while you are out and can be used indoors or out to form a circular fence around your dog so it has room to run and play but can’t get out.

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Indoor dog kennels are typically made from either wire or plastic and are much smaller than kennels used outdoors because they serve a slightly different purpose. Kennels used indoors are made to provide a space for your dog which it feels is its own, yet it can also keep it secure and out of trouble if the need be as well. They are also great for when you have guests who don’t like dogs, or when having a dog running around the house just isn’t convenient or appropriate. Because in the wild dogs are den living animals, having a space where they can go when stressed, anxious, or just looking for a snooze makes them feel more comfortable, confident, and happy. And of course an indoor kennel is great for keeping a naughty dog or a young puppy that is not yet housetrained or just loves to chew on everything it can, in a place where it can’t do any damage or create any mess when you are out.

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The Aleko Heavy Duty was our second choice for best outdoor dog kennel. This one is ideal for small and medium dog breeds. However, larger breeds that are more docile in nature can easily work within this model. This is made of high quality material that is incredibly sturdy and very secure. The enclosure is built to last and is very easy to assemble. This is a great dog outdoor kennel, especially for the price, it practically can’t be beat! Finally, we found this to be the most aesthetically pleasing one out of all the other that we took a look at.You should always prefer outdoor models that can provide the most important and necessary facilities needed for your dog to get comfortable. The size of your dog always needs to be taken into consideration, and after that should you decide if your pooch requires a Large Outdoor Dog Pen or a small one, and never forget that your tailwagger has a say in it too!