Innotek SD-2225 Smart Dog Collar/Receiver For SD-2100/2200 Systems

Smart Dog BackTalk brings your MP2000, MP2100, or eMate into the modernera of infrared communications. By supplementing the Newton's communications capabilities with modern protocols, the Newton is able to exchange data with today's devices.

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This Innotek Smart Dog SD-2100 Rechargeable In-Ground Pet Fencing System is brought you by

Features a redesigned interior wall-mounted transmitter that complements virtually any decor. Easy to install - Easy to use. This system will support an unlimited number of collars (1 is included). All-New collar/receiver is rechargeable, micro-sized, and completely waterproof. Stimulation Level Can be adjusted at the wall-mount transmitter - Select from levels Low, Medium, or High. Your dog will feel the correction after a 2-second warning tone (LOW and MED selections only). This tone will sound immediately with the correction when level is set on High. Adjustable nylon collar is intended for small/medium sized dogs. Patented run-through prevention and timeout between corrections help your dog learn his limits quickly and safely. Boundary self-check displays system status 24/7. Battery back-up (AA batteries not included) and recharge reminder for the system are a Smart Dog first! Includes: ? 500? of single-conductor ground wire ? indoor wall-mounted transmitter with audible and visual wire break alarm ? one rechargeable collar receiver with neck strap ? boundary wire ? training support 800 number ? complete installation instructions video and/or DVD ? training flags ? accessories. System comes with one collar/receiver. To contain more than one dog, add the SD-2225 collars (unlimited). If you need to contain a larger area, add the BD-25 boundary kits. ~

Innotek SD-2100 Smart Dog Rechargeable Containment System.

Get the best price and free shipping on the Innotek SmartDog SD-2100 dog fence system. Hello from Louisville, ky. I have really enjoyed finding your site and plan to make a purchase with you guys once I get into the right setup. I’ve been looking at multiple EF systems for our 2 shih tzus (oldest is 5yrs @ 15-16lbs and youngest is 6 months @ ~6lbs but expect he will get the same size). My lot is only a 1/2 acre in size however having 2 rechargeable, AA, or AAA collar units are a MUST for me. Have some friends with the petsmart small dog unit and also read some reviews on it … in short, the collar and they use is perfect in size, but a deal breaker for me on the battery. Was looking at the 2100 unit as good alternative. Also I see the collars are interchangeable with other Innotek’s, so are there other collars I could get for smaller dogs that are rechargeable and fit their smaller necks? Thinking the NiMH collar could be used for the smaller dog and I could get a 4100 collar for the older dog. Have not seen these outside of online so no real clue how big they will be in comparison to the dog. Wanted to see your thoughts on this 2100 for my situation and what other options I should consider or get a better recommendation. Thanks

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We have a 9-month old spayed female coonhound/manchester terrier cross who has begun jumping over the 4′ chain link fence in our small back yard )totally fenced in). I would like to use the Innotek Smart Dog SD-2100, but if I do, where exactly should i bury the wire–how close to the fence and on which side (I read somewhere a recommendation to place it outside the chain link fence–that doesn’t seem like a good idea to me). My fear is that she will jump the fence and be out of the range of the correction BEFORE the correction even activates. I understand the need for training and will do that–just not sure if this will contain her? Any ideas? Thanks so much!

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