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Now that you've named your pet pot bellied pig you'll need to teach them to respond when you call it. Pot bellied pigs are extremely smart (like dogs and primates) and will learn their name on their own if you consistently call them by their name (avoid using a lot of nicknames at first) and use positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement can be in the form of verbal praise, petting, and treats (pigs are very food motivated). If you decide to use a treat to train your pig, make sure you are consistent and give them a treat each time you call their name if they come. Say their name in a higher pitched, happy voice so your pot bellied pig is more likely to respond to you. Low fat and healthy but tasty treats are a must during this training session to avoid making your new pig gain too much weight, though. Try Cheerios, puffed rice, or baby snacks such as Gerber Graduates Puffs to have your pot bellied pig running when you call out their name.

Dec 10, 2014 - Here are some names ideas for dogs that are known to be

The odds are pretty good that if you are considering getting a new dog for you and your family that you have given thought to getting a Golden Retriever. The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the entire world. They are known for being very smart and affectionate dogs, are very good natured, obedient and good to train and they make a great companion for children or for adults. If you are choosing a new puppy, you are going to want to consider Golden Retriever dog names that fit your new family member well.
There are lots of great names that you can choose from when you add a new dog to your home. For some people, they just know when they look at the dog for the first time what the name should be. Some dogs just have a particular look or personality that cries out with a certain name that just fits them really well. For others, it may take some thought with the family to come up with the best name to fit this breed. Choose a name that fits the look and attitude of your dog and something that will be easy for all of you to remember, especially the dog.

Tip: An excellent male dog name for a super-smart dog.

of names that would be appropriate for dogs that are white, small, French, happy, mischievous, or smart. For instance, when looking for Coton de Tulear names it might be helpful to think of names that would be appropriate for dogs that are white, small, French, happy, mischievous, or smart.

150 Most Popular Male Dog Names of 2016 with Meaning

Alvin the Best Chihuahua : smart, cut, lovely.