WoodenHornets as the Nightmarish Smile Dog

Smile Dog appears after a long time with Ghost aside. They haven't been given much to do since they messed up so much so they chilled in the titan world for the time being. He and ghost were watching the fight between the and the until Team Avatar showed up, thus running off. He trips over one of 's spy ropes but he didn't realize it at the time.

Smile Dog My shortest pasta, beginning life as a cryptic Facebook post.

So I downloaded this picture last night and thought nothing of it.
Then I had a dream.
Smile Dog was in it… He told me to show everyone his real face… Or bad things would happen…

This is the Smile Dog...now spread the word!

Honestly when I saw the thing of smile dog I was really scared... () 21:24, November 25, 2012 (UTC) THIS SERIES IS A TRIBUTE TO EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY MADE BY NICEPETER AND EPICLLOYD

Download Link:

Hello people. Welcome to the thirteenth Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta. This battle features the friendly killer, Mr. Widemouth battling against the satanic canine, Smile Dog. Enjoy!

▼ CAST ▼

Mancha as Mr. Widemouth (audio)

Matthew Thomas as Mr. Widemouth (video)

Justin Buckner as Smile Dog

▼ CREW ▼
Created by: Matthew Thomas

Written by: Frenzy, & Others

Beat Produced by: Tristan on the Track

Battle Mixed by: Frenzy

Subtitles by: Matthew Thomas


Okay, I think that's it. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for the next ERBOCreepypasta.

The Nightmarish version of Smile Dog!

I love the photo of smile dog i dont understand why people are freaked out but i think hes a awesome cute dog maybe Po is the make of the artifact u can call me crazy but smile dogs face is beatiful maybe the hand was but on for more of an effect on the photo to freak people out but i think smile dog is handsome maybe i think this bc im a little crazy my self im not obssessed with smile dog im just voicing my thoughts to let you know what i think

The imfamous more demonic version of Smile Dog

She did not, though; that's why she refused to see the narrator on that day. Now, she implores the narrator to stop theirsearch for information about Smile Dog. She apologizes again. And later thatmonth, the narrator receives word from Mary’s husband that she has died bysuicide.press space to hear Final Departure.
press up arrow to hear Nightmare hour.
press down arrow to hear Smile Dog theme.Nightmare hour is really quiet in the beginning but gets louder.These songs are SCARY!!! Plz do not listen if you get scarred easily. If you're not afraid of being a little frightened then type in "Smile Dog" as the name on his "what's your name?" question! Comment on your reaction!Smile Dog or Smile wasn't a normal husky in the beginning. He was born with a smile on his face, and due to that, his owners and his parents left him to die. He got very angry, and started using the internet to find them and kill them. Follow his journey through being abandoned, using the internet, and revenge.