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My dog J.R. had to sport a cone for the first couple of weeks after I adopted him and April. Usual pitfalls as you wrote in your post. Some pet care clients have used the soft cones, they work better, but some dogs are still freaked out by them. I’ve seen the shirts you wrote above and have wondered if they work well. My dogs like to tear up clothing, material, etc. so I don’t know if it would work for them, I definitely like the idea as an alternative to the “Cone of Shame”

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Buyers say that this is one of the best dog recovery cones because it proved to be very beneficial during post-surgery recovery periods and for massive wounds. Surprisingly, dogs could sleep with this style of cone, because of its softness and pliability. The Comfy Cone Pet E-Collar is easy to hand-wash, and it’s quick to dry.

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Soft-cones or other good alternatives for after surgery? : dogs - Reddit Forget the Comfy Cone for small- to medium-sized dogs. I bought one for my 22-lb. Cocker after surgery. The flat panels do not conform to the head shape of a small dog, they transmit no light at all (which at least the typical plastic cone does), and they restrict the field of sight considerably more than regular cones. She hated it and I can see why; comfort isn't everything - this is just bad design for small- to medium-sized dogs. Some of the other soft collars in this article look like they're worth trying the next time she needs to be kept from chewing or itching a healing wound, though.

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The Comfy Cone e-collar, our healing halo of love, is the only patented soft cone-shaped e-collar with removable stays for dogs and cats. It has many ways to help your pet heal more comfortably!

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