Spiked Leather Dog Collar Small Large Red Brown Black by BronzeDog

Have had both a 3/4 and 1 inch width collar, and both looked great! 3/4 looks great on smaller dogs, whereas the 1 inch looks incredible on the bigger dogs! 1 inch pieces seemed a little bulky at first, but after a few days realized the studs, spikes and personalized collar all matched up for an incredible collar that has everyone staring at our girl! We love the pink on pink and with the price and customer service, our only complaint is that the shipping did take quite a while. Overall, awesome product that comes highly recommended!

Latigo Thick Leather Studded Spiked Dog Collar by UltimateCollars, $39.90

. This type should be considered as a special one and to be used under the supervision of experienced trainers. The main feature - is the presence of spikes, which when the dog pulls make him feel discomfort. This collar is chosen only according to the circumference of the dog's neck, it should be worn just right behind the ears, not to hang loose and not to fall off the dog.

Harley-Davidson Black Leather Spike Dog Collar

Now all the dogs in your life can look tough! Crochet them a simple spiked (studded) dog collar.
For those who may be unsure, it's best to go with a collar with an adjustable size. Buckle dog collars, for example, can go up and down a few sizes, and may be best for younger dogs that can still grow into their spiked collars.

Harley-Davidson Black Leather Spike Dog Collar 1" x 20"

When choosing a spiked and studded dog collar, owners think of what design, color, or style best suits their dog. However, while those are good considerations, dog owners should find collars that are comfortable, made of good materials, and are fashionable.

The spiked dog collar is a piece of in .

Leather Spiked Dog Collars look stunning on all dogs. Your cute little puppy can also have that bad boy look. Only the most Awesome Dogs wear these collars.Check out our high quality, leather, spiked dog collar with personalized name plate to give your dog a little attitude. Order online with Hot Dog Collars.
Now all the dogs in your life can (sort of) look rough and tough with this free pattern Ok, so a spiked dog collar is not amigurumi, but it is FOR cutie animals!Although the may have a bad reputation as the collar of choice for mean-spirited dogs, this accessory is fast becoming in-demand among owners of many breeds. This buying guide aims to inform dog owners about this accessory, starting with its colorful history. It will also outline the reasons to use dog collars, as well as the different types of spiked and studded dog collars available today. Choosing a spiked and studded dog collar is easy, as long as the owner purchases the correct size, and considers a few other factors that will ensure the dog will enjoy wearing the collar.