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Our final pick is this excellent nylon no-pull harness from Sporn. It offers you a full mesh harness which gives you great control, as well as being comfortable for your dog to wear.

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i'd go with a sporn. i don't like the whip-lash action on the neck that dogs get with the gentle leader if they lunge or bolt. premier, the gentle leader people, have a harness out now too where the leash hooks to a buckle on the front of the chest instead of on the back. i've used regular harnesses in the same way (attaching the leash in the front) with reasonable success.

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Sporn Head-Control Halter Medium Size for Dog Weight 25-60 Lbs BLACK SKU : ADIB00V5KXBPU Sporn says that some critics expressed concern over the fact that the dogs were not caged. However, he says that since Yuppie Puppy’s opening, there have been no “serious” incidents involving any of his clients. To be admitted to Yuppie Puppy, all dogs are required to go through a screening process that consists of an “interview ” and a trial period. Dogs must also be or and be current on all of their shots to be considered for admittance. Sporn says dogs with a history of aggressive behavior are not accepted at Yuppie Puppy.

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Sporn began offering “babysitting” services to local dog owners. At first, he operated his dog-sitting service out of his apartment; he eventually converted his building’s basement into a daycare center.

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The Sporn Double-Dog Coupler™ straps are made of quality nylon webbing. All parts are made of durable custom nickel-plated steel for reliable strength and reduced weathering. Our best selling product for walking 2 dogs! Walk dogs close together, far apart, or dogs of different sizes! The standard size is 29in long when both sides are adjusted to equal lengths and is 5/8in wide. The XS size is 17in long when both sides are adjusted to equal lengths and is 3/8in wide. Joseph Sporn, President, founded The Sporn Company in 1999. It blossomed out of his invention of the Sporn Training™ Halter, and grew very quickly around this single product line. His design of the dog Halter has helped over a million dog owners worldwide gain humane control over the most rambunctious leash pullers. All of the product designs and concepts that you will find here come from the inspiration of our dogs here at Yuppie Puppy Pet Care Center in New York City.