FRONTLINE Spray may protect dogs against fleas for up to 90 days.

Thanks so much for your support! Since I started carrying the spray we have not had any incidents — thank goodness! But as you know it’s unfortunately not a real relaxing walk for the human when they have to be on guard for the entire walk and taking detours when we see dogs from a distance. In our case, the little dogs with Little-Big Dog Syndrome sometimes can be the problem but any dog charging us is not a good thing. Take care and walk safe!

A man was accused of pepper-spraying a dog in its own yard last month.

I’m glad to hear what you thought of the No Chew for You spray after finding it in the list here and giving it a try with your dog! Thank you for letting me know how it worked for you…I’m delighted to hear that it smells like oregano and your dog hated it!

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No more STINKY DOG: Stinky dog spray using essential oils; Doggie Deodorant Mist It is this substance that makes pepper spray a favorite not just for self-defense but also for controlling unruly crowds and preventing an animal attack. In fact, people who own a can of regular pepper spray may even use it against an attacking animal (be it a bear, a dog or some other wild creature) to protect themselves.

I live in Maryland and my daughter’s dog just got sprayed.

"The dog was still on the owner's property. It was not at large or anything along those lines," Sankowich said. "What transpired as to why the individual felt that he needed to spray it, we don't know."

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The repellent pepper spray effects on dogs have made this product a helpful tool when dealing with aggressive stray dogs attacking you or your pet. However, the pepper spray shouldn’t be used as a training device to stop your dog from performing various undesirable actions.While the pepper spray is an effective means to keep rabid or stray dogs away when you feel threatened, this product shouldn’t be used as a daily training tool for your dog. Spraying your dog with pepper spray and incapacitating him for several hours is an extremely cruel way to treat your pet. If your dog shows signs of aggression, you have to talk to a trainer and get specialized training for aggressive dogs. If the aggression is sudden, you may consider visiting the vet, as your dog may have a medical condition that causes a change in his behavior and makes him aggressive.Pepper spray may repel dogs and will irritate the eyes and the skin. However, even if the spray is painful and will incapacitate the dog for several hours, in the long run, the spray will not cause any health damage to the sprayed dog. There are certain products that may also have a repelling effect from a considerable distance (e.g. 10 to 20 feet). The liquid will be effective in keeping away dogs that are highly aggressive or rabid. The amount of pepper in the spray is very low. After you use the spray, the dog will calm down and won’t be able to attack you.If you have accidentally used the spray on your dog, you should apply some first aid measures. Firstly, calm your dog and apply cold water on the sprayed areas. If possible, place the dog under cold running water for 3 to 5 minutes. If the eye or skin irritation persists, check with your vet.