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Halloween isn’t just a for humans - let your cat or dog get in on the fun too! Although our pets are more limited in what they can dress up as - being furry and on all fours - there are a surprising amount of cool costumes out there for them at reasonable prices! Most of these costumes are modeled on dogs but of course if you have a similar sized cat, you can attempt (at your own risk) to put the costume on your feline friend as well. Dogs do tend to love the spotlight and to love dressing up much more than cats do - how else can we explain all the dogs in raincoats and sweaters strutting their stuff in the parks? Or the total lack of cats on leashes you see outdoors? The only costume we saw modeled on a cat involved a Halloween themed necktie from Wal-Mart with a skull and crossbones pattern on it but you can always try! For dogs, the list is endless - you can dress your dog up as a squirrel, a hippie, a hotdog, a ttaco, a pumpkin and even The Joker from the Batman movie Dark Knight. Other favorites include a Headless Horseman Pet Rider costume, a black cat costume for your dog and a hilarious looking sailor dog costume! Check out our gallery of the best pet costumes and hurry to the mall before they sell out!

Squirrel Pet Costume - Large This nutty squirrel costume for dogs includes a squirrel jumpsuit with attached plush tail and a head

Since when did the pope get so...furry? Now your little hound can be a holy hound! This Holy Hound Pet Costume will turn your pooch into a pope look-alike! Make your doggy a little more religious this Halloween when you make 'em wear this costume. This funny dog costume is perfect for your pooch this Halloween. The costume goes on the front paws and fastens around the belly with Velcro so that it has several secure points for a better fit. The stole has printed gold pawprints and fastens to the costume with Velcro. The costume also comes with a red cape with a printed gold cross. The miter headpiece has an elastic chin strap so that it stays in place even when your pet takes off after the neighborhood squirrel - not very pope-like behavior if you ask us!

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Items 991 - 1089 - Your pooch will go nuts for the Squirrel Dog Costume **Please note: We do not take returns of costumes after October 15.Your nutty dog will have fun in the Squirrel Dog Costume!Why We Love It:
This Halloween your dog can combine chasing his tail and a squirrel cause they can be both one and the same. Sometimes to catch the squirrel, one has to be the squirrel. This costume features a gray squirrel jacket with a dark gray tail and faux plush arms holding a nut. The separate headpiece has cute facial features and secures under the chin with touch fastener. Great for parties, pictures, and Halloween!

Squirrel dog costume - so wrong it's right?

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