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The Bergan Elevated Double Bowl Feeder is very sturdily made and stands up very well to occasional sanitizing in the dishwasher. Dog owners noted that the bowls fit securely over the holes designed for them. Since there’s no floor underneath, spilled water does not accumulate and there’s no messy buildup. That’s one less part to clean, one less chore to do.

Elevated Dog Bowls Stand - Wooden - 2 Bowls - 300 mm / 12" Tall - Raised Dog Food and Water Bowls

Elevated food bowls are unwieldy. Though some have stands that fold up and are easy to carry, these raised food bowls can take up more space than the regular ones because of the additional parts. For dog owners with small kitchens or apartments, this could be problematic.

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No need to buy those expensive elevated dog bowls. I bought this plant stand from Lowes for $10! A pricier option. Unfortunately, raised dog food bowls are more expensive. Because they come with a stand and are much sturdier than regular dog bowls, you're going to pay more.

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While scientists are working on understanding the results, it's worth mentioning that there are a few proven benefits to using elevated bowls for dogs. If you place a bowl at the proper level for your pet (in correlation to his height) it allows him to maintain the proper posture while eating and drinking.

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A friend of mine wanted a stand for her dog's food and water bowls (she owns a particularly messy dog) so I decided to make her one out of reclaimed pallet wood. Its a relatively simple project to build and turned out quite well (for both owner and pet!).Using dog raised bowls for your pooch during meal times allows him to maintain proper standing posture while eating. When the head is kept above the stomach, food travels more efficiently down the digestive tract. This makes digestion easier.• Expense – elevated dog feeders are considerably more expensivethan your standard feeding bowls. While more costly, think of it as an investmentin your best friend’s health. Here at Brake-Fast, we offer a variety of stylishdesigns at a discount.
Learn more about .It's a veterinarian recommended dog raised bowl with elevated base that reduces the strain on your dog's neck when feeding. two stainless steel bowls are bacteria resistant which makes them clean easily and are dishwasher safe. Also the height of its stand increases as bowl volume grows.