Bella uses Leather Dog Leash with Stainless Steel ..

When equipped with marine grade 316 stainless steel clips, customized rope clamps, and welded stainless steel O rings, you have an exceptional well designed dog leash.

For most dogs, a four or six foot dog leash with stainless steel clip is best

Both the leash and coupler are built with CE rated climbing rope, compact black locking carabiner, CNC machined nanoSwivel with stainless steel axle and sealed bearings. These components are originally built for rock and mountain climbing. Their compact size and reduced weight make them ideal for custom dog leashes. Both medium and extra large dogs are well suited for this double dog leash & coupler.

Steel Dog Leash w/Black Nylon Handle - Puttin On The Dog

Indestructible puppy dog leash made from flexible coated stainless steel. We use CE rated Mountain Climbing Rope, Forged Aluminum Carabiners and Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel all secured with our customized industrial strength rope connections. Each leash is built by hand specifically for the customer. Nothing is stocked or pre-built. Your leash is built custom for you and your dog.

Platinum Pets 2.5mm Steel Dog Leash with Black Nylon ..

Today, nearly 30 years later, Larson has not only grieved the loss but has given as happy an ending as possible to an all-to-common canine tragedy by inventing a chew-proof leash made from plastic-coated, flexible steel wire rope and durable hardware. To date, she has helped keep 20,000 dogs safe from the dangers of a chewed leash.

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The ends of the dog leash are secured with customized aluminum sleeves for a permanent connection. A one inch welded stainless steel ring is added to the leashes handle with multiple uses. A spare house key or small LED flash light are common.For most dogs, a four or six foot dog leash with stainless steel clip is best. We always use quality 316 marine grade stainless steel clips. These are stronger and heaver than similar designed nickle and chrome plated clips used on most dog leashes. Stainless steel clips will last for years and our first choice for a reliable clip.Designed with 10mm blue & grey mountain climbing rope, 316 stainless steel clip, customized rope clamps original to our dog leashes, and welded stainless steel O ring. An optional carabiner and nanoSwivel are available.Our 3.5 inch 316 stainless steel clip is stronger than most similar styled clips seen on most leashes. What we use is a better quality and comes standard with the leash unless you upgrade to a different style. The stainless steel clip is a good choice for most dogs.