Apr 22, 2014 - dog airline carrier sturdibag

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Car-GO double or single PET CARRIERS is made by SturdiProducts is designed to create a "zone of safety" for your cats, small to medium sized dogs like Princess traveling in the vehicle SUV area.

Its shown here tethered to the d-rings or you can secure in the backseat with the human safety belt through the loops on the back side.

It also comes with an over-sized carrying case to store all your pets accessories, food, water, medications, vet records, toys and other essentials when traveling with your pet.

Best of all there is no assembly is required. Simply remove from the case and give it a shake and it POPS Open!

Sturdi Products SturdiBag Pet Carrier | dog Carriers & Crates | PetSmart

I have both these bags but never used the Sherpa – because it is much heavier than the SturdiBag and my dogs can push the carry-on weight limit at times!

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With the SturdiBag Large Dog Carrier, you don't have to worry about them getting out Great idea. I have a large/tall Cavalier and have always use the large Sturdibag. My daughter gave me her XL Sturdibag, which I have never used because I didn’t know how it would fit under the seat. I am definitely going to try this now! It will give my dog Charlie more room on the plane too. One question, when you say you fold up the large Sturdibag in your carry on, does that mean you take out those plastic rods in the Sturdibag? Thanks!

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On balance, I’d stick with the large SturdiBag, and transfer your dog to the extra-large — if you absolutely must — as discreetly as possible once you’re on the plane. You wouldn’t need to re-transfer your dog back into the large SturdiBag at the end of the flight, assuming that your dog truly does fit under your particular airplane seat in an extra-large SturdiBag. This approach will work best if you have a traveling companion who can carry the extra bag for you, and can give you the extra legroom you’ll need to effect the transfer. Please note that this should be attempted ONLY by owners who are completely confident that their dog will not escape their control during the transfer process. If there’s a possibility that your dog might bolt once that first zipper opens — and keep in mind that being on an airplane is stressful, and may make your reliable pup less than reliable — do not open the zipper.

Sturdi Products for traveling pets and their people!

Many professional animal trainers and exhibitors who travel with cats and dogs extensively prefer SturdiBag™ because it is simply the best in-cabin, light weight, flex-height pet carrier available. Whether it is used on a plane, in the car, or for carrying on foot, your pet will be comfortable and safe in a SturdiBag™ cat or small dog carrier.Hello, Barb — thank you! (and welcome to Dog Jaunt!) The carrier needs to be as tall as his shoulders, not the top of his head. Chloe is about 12″ tall at her shoulders, and she fits comfortably in the 12″ tall large SturdiBag — I believe the idea is that they need their body height to turn around and re-settle in a new position, not their full head height.