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. This type should be considered as a special one and to be used under the supervision of experienced trainers. The main feature - is the presence of spikes, which when the dog pulls make him feel discomfort. This collar is chosen only according to the circumference of the dog's neck, it should be worn just right behind the ears, not to hang loose and not to fall off the dog.

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Braided dog collars are made of leather and represent aninimitable style, beauty and craftsmanship. Braids will never go outof fashion. Naturally, stylish people look only for fashionableequipment for their dogs. Here you can purchase somethingexquisite for your favourite pet. Beautiful leather braids arelining the collar and they are strongly riveted to avoid fallingoff. Despite its delicate look, decorated leather gear with braidscan be used as for walking as for training, These superb braidedleather collars may be exactly what your doggie needs to look cooland dazzling.

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ThinkGeek :: Superhero Seatbelt Buckle Dog Collar // my future dogs will need this! - pixypi – We work hard to keepour dog collar prices the lowest in the world. We have a wideprice range of collars. Some collars are more expensive, thesecollars are more intricate and unique in their design. Remember,you get what you pay for. We have fine collars which areunder $19 and still provide you with great quality and your dogwith super comfort. There are also many wonderful collars within$20-$35 price range.

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Find your favorite licensed super hero comic and cartoon character dog collars. Match your dog's comical character or enjoy your favorite comic book super hero!

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Ahem! The Supercollar is supposed to be a comfortable canine-friendly contraption for trips out of town. Why so? Having a handle on your dog. Not so much to restrict the animal, but to get a hold of it when the occasion permits.For the Super Dog in your life. Colorful action/hero/comic words on a grey background. This one is featured in a 1,5 inch martingale width, howeverGive your dog a comfortable, injury- and pain-free collar for an all-new experience! Our Super Collars are wider than normal collars, which helps divert pressure of your dog’s pull across a broader area to minimize total area pressure.Designed for eXtreme training conditions. Dogtra Super X Collar is designed for eXtreme training conditions. The 3500NCP is called the Super X because of its eXtra features, its eXceptional range, and its design for eXtreme training situations. Boasts a one-mile range.