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Dog collars, personalized dog collar, dog harnesses, personalized dog harness and matching dog leashes for girl and boy dogs. Super trendy and stylish Navajo, Tribal, Boho, Aztec, Native American influenced embroidered ethnic fabric dog collars, leashes and harness are available. Plus, "MUST HAVE" later engraved ID tag buckle with 9 unique fonts, silver, gold or black buckle color choices to create your own custom handmade dog collar or harness for your special pet!

The tag includes a small split ring for easy attachment to your dogs collar

A tag quickly and easily attaches to the dog's collar. Dealing with the small rings of a typical tag can be difficult. This is a great choice for the owner who likes or needs to change out the dog's collar regularly or for those who do not want the dog to wear two collars at once when training or walking.

Lupine Adjustable Collars - 1/2" Wide - Small Dogs and Cats.

Find and save ideas about Custom dog collars on Pinterest. | See more about Dog tags for dogs, Dog collars and Dog jewelry. These Soft Grip ScruffTag collars are not only super tough but also waterproof and odor resistant - perfect for dogs that just love to be in the water all the time or love to roll in the grossest stuff in the neighborhood. Plus, each collar is equipped with stainless steel corrosion-proof hardware.

Slide -On-Collar Dog Tags - Boomerang Tags

The ScruffTag Dog Collar design is trademarked by dogIDs and was developed to eliminate the need for a hanging tag. The stainless steel nameplate is built right into the collar and sits on the "scruff" of the dog's neck - making it easy for anyone to approach and identify your dog.

Personalized Slide-On Tags for Dog Collars - dogIDs

Tag Collars are available for dogs who often wear harnesses rather than martingale or standard dog collars. They are a safe alternative to martingale collars, which tighten when pulled and can possibly cause a choking problem if your dog were to get hung on something.Note: Dogs are very hard on their "things." We have tried to find the best collars available, we offer collars as a convenience to our customers, but we cannot guarantee the collars we sell againstanything, they will not last indefinately. Eventually the collar you get from us, or anyone else, will wear out and a new collar will need to be purchased. We do guarantee that the CollarTags willnot fall off or wear out, and they can be moved to a new collar when your pet's current collar needsto be replaced. Bottom line: CollarTags are GUARANTEED to last the life of the pet they are purchased for but the collars are not.