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This was the first time I ever used a shampoo on my two dogs where they didn't smell like "wet dog" for hours after their baths. We have an Amstaff and a really smelly Bulldog (w/bad skin allergies). I've tried everything from oatmeal, to prescription to baby shampoos and the peppermint tea tree is the only product that has made them truly clean, smelling good and gentle on my Bulldog's skin. Great product - I'm ordering more right after I finishing typing this review! Thanks again for the wonderful pet products.

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Tea tree shampoo for dogs 5 l

For years, I have bathed my dogs with a gentle human shampoo (I prefer no SLS and paraben) to which I add several drops of tea tree oil. This essential oil kills fleas and ticks on contact among many other beneficial properties. Please don't use it on cats. They lack the enzyme needed to break down the oil and this can result in a toxic build up in their system.

Tea Tree Shampoo for Dogs with Yeasty Skin Buildup

Help itchy, irritated skin with Espree Tea Tree & Aloe Shampoo for Dogs He did say that the Comfortis is the best way to go for fleas now, because fleas are immune to the other topicals. With Comfortis, it doesn't matter if you get them wet, etc. So she is on this now. He said after Comfortis has been on the market for fifteen years, fleas will become immune to it also. Comfortis is a huge chewable tablet that they take like a treat and it is given once a month.After I did this bath and for weeks after, I noticed she really seemed to be happy and not digging on herself, like she does when she gets that buildup from the yeast, etc. The yeast will show itself on the skin by looking like mold, or black trimming around the ears. The vet had showed me this before.I had looked at her stomach a day or so after the bath and I could see where I actually missed. There were black dots on part of it where I couldn't see where I was massaging. The place the shampoo touched and was massaged in was perfectly clear of the yeast. I was really impressed with this recipe which is also a lice remedy when combined with white vinegar. It makes her happy. I don't think any other form of shampoo would be such an anti-fungal as the tea tree oil and Dawn. Dawn has long been used on animals and such. As harsh as it sounds, it is actually very gentle, and I always use it because I know how much I always used it on my foster animals. I really never thought of using it on a full grown dog, such as mine, but I am so glad I did and so is she. Remember to keep it off of cats. Also, never use oatmeal shampoo on dogs with a yeast problem because it only feeds the yeast and then they multiply faster.By from Tri-Cities, TN

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This is helpful, thank you for posting it. Paul Mitchell has a PET line that includes a tea tree shampoo. I have been using it for years for hot spots but it never seems to quite take the itch fully away. One of my dogs, a lab/shepherd mix, has horrible hot spots. He will eat his fur off until he gets to his bare skin and then continues until it bleeds. The only thing that seems to help is Prednisone but he's already a heavier dog and it makes him so bloated looking. I will have to try this concoction!

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