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The PetTech Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar works amazingly well. We have 2 older puppies that were wild and are now are a lot more under control when outside. Would recommend this product to anyone! We had an issue with one of them but got it worked out. The video and CJ are a great help! Thank you

We are very pleased with our purchase of the PetTech Remote Controlled Dog Training Collsr. Roger

This collar has worked wonders with our dog. We tried several techniques that a dog trainer recommended to keep him off of our kitchen counters but nothing worked until we found this. We also use it to let him run off the leash. He responds well to the tone and only rarely do we have to use the other two settings. We had a problem with the clip breaking and contacted Pet Tech for a replacement. They responded within one day and we received the replacement unit four days later. Great service and a product that is well worth the money.

Wressle the Cat loves high tech pet training shock collars for dogs.

The pet tech remote dog collar works well as advertised. I am happy with it. Our patent pending Bluefang is the only technology that provides real-time, two way communication between you and your pet, allowing you to send behavioral commands, change collar settings and controls while using the full instrumentation in the collar to monitor your dog's activity, whereabouts and vital signs.

Neck Tech Fun Stainless Steel Dog Collar - Herm Sprenger Collars

Fifty-two percent of dogs are overweight in the US and only seven percent of owners are actually aware their dog is unhealthy. Dogtelligent seeks to change that statistic for the better with the Connected Collar. With virtual fence and leash technology that gently tugs, activity trackers, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, ambient temperature sensors, and an ultrasonic micro-speaker to correct barking, this all-in-one collar is everything a dog owner could ever need to keep his pet healthy and well managed. Many dogs are not getting enough exercise, but with an accelerometer (like a FitBit), you can measure your playful pup’s activity output and track it on your Smart device. You can program the app with your dog’s breed and age so that the perfect activity level can be calculated.

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