What's so unique about Don Sullivan's The Perfect Dog system?

My dog does not socialize well with people. Will The Perfect Dog® System help me solve this problem?

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My dog gets very worked up when I take him to the vet, to the point of almost biting the vet. Will The Perfect Dog® System help correct this behavior?

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Q27: CHANGES IN MINUTES?: Using The Perfect Dog® System, how will my dog change within minutes? The “old dog” myth has arisen only because people have found that their dogs have become resistant to ineffective training methods. Don Sullivan says that a 12 year old dog is not diminished in his ability to understand what is requested of him, and he will obey if he respects the leadership of the person giving the instruction. The Perfect Dog® System is a proven success, and Don Sullivan shows you how to quickly become your dog’s respected leader.

The Command Collar explained and why the Perfect Dog system works

Don Sullivan hit the world stage in 2008 with his globally televised Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog® system. He’s renowned for achieving amazing behavioral transformations in even the most extreme “bad” dog behavior cases, with positive changes seen in just minutes!

The Perfect Dog (Don Sullivan) training system okay with Rotties?

One of the most popular training systems around is called The Perfect Dog. It was created by a man named Don Sullivan who has created the Command Collar – similar to a pinch collar though made of plastic rather than metal.Within just a few training sessions dogs start to get the idea and immediately behaviors start to change. It may not be overnight perfection, but there will clearly be improvement after only a short time with this system.The Command Collar and the Perfect Dog system work hand in hand, though the DVDs can be used in conjunction with a pinch collar if you already own one. Many dog owners have reported that the training method worked just as well with either type of collar.Once you join you have access to over 250 videos of Doggy Dan showing you step by step as he helps another dog owner train their dog out of a problem you yourself are probably experiencing. With the Perfect Dog system the DVDs cover how to use to collar in each situation in a small segment.Don Sullivan’s The Perfect Dog system works so great because it really helps to get you inside the head of your dog. Dogs do not think as we do in terms of reward for good behavior.We brought our French Mastiff puppy home when she was two months old. The first week, she was great. By the end of the second week, we were at our wit's end. She was biting everything (furniture, people, walls) and wouldn't walk on a leash no matter what. We ordered Don's training and got it about 8 days later. Right away, we watched the intro chapters and leash training (watch everything twice, at least) and took her out for her first lesson. We were pretty skeptical, but presto! Within five minutes, she was the perfect leash walking dog. Next, we focused on the biting.
We had had several friends and trainers recommend different techniques to stop that habit. None worked for more than a day or two. Don's has worked permanently. We now have a six month old puppy whose very playful, plays well with other dogs, loves to go for walks (she's so excited when the least comes out), and couldn't be better behaved. I have recommended this system to several friends, all with great results.