A dog's coat type is another important consideration

The Fairborn police report quoted other people in the area who said the dog had been aggressive in the past – biting one person’s coat sleeve and snarling at another.

Paging Dr. Dog! Don't the Methodist Richardson therapy dogs look professional in their white coats?

One of my best “human” friends Erinn Troicke has been using the Draper Canine Therapy Dog Coat on her agility dog Cree and sent in a report about Cree wearing the coat. She said, “Cree wore her sheet before her class and she was absolutely super today! She hasn’t been feeling too good. The vet thinks allergies, so I have been putting her sheet on her quite a bit at home too. Today was the first she wore it on the way to class. She was really very good today.”

Back on Track Therapeutic Dog Coat - Regular

Luker said a dog’s coat also absorbs lots of tears as people go through their therapy sessions. There are two broad categories of therapy service. (AAT) uses companion animals as a part of the patient’s therapy. Interactions with the dog are part of a treatment plan designed by a health care professional to improve the patient’s physical or emotional function. For instance, tossing a ball or brushing his coat encourages repetitive hand-eye coordination exercises.

Large Cold Weather Service Dog Coat.

Once a mixed breed puppy or dog has been acquired, whether from the neighbor who had these adorable pups for free or the animal shelter where the stray Rambo was waiting for a new home, the care and training is the same as needed for a purebred dogs. Long-coated and double-coated mixed breeds need to be brushed and combed; dominant mixed breeds need a firm hand in training; submissive mixed breeds need extra patience and confidence-boosting; and all deserve the same vaccinations, annual checkups, and heartworm preventative that their pedigreed cousins get.

coat and steel blue eyes, is the Bureau's one and only therapy dog.

Our Service Dog Cold Weather Coat was designed to give a little comfort to those working dogs that face the cold weather elements daily. The coat is very easy to put on the dog as it slips over the dogs head and has an adjustable girth strap. The buckle for the girth strap is set back on the padded part of the strap flap so it will never rub against the dog. The chest is well covered and padded and yet at the same time cut high enough for the dogs front legs to have good movement. The neck has a roll down fleece collar attached to it. The coat collar sits far enough back so that you can still use your dog's collar and leash. The coat is a generous length to cover much of the dogs back. It is made of two layers of fabric the top layer is a 1000 denier cordura water proof fabric and the lining is a soft fleece material. All seams are reinforced and bound."The therapy dog movement is based on the human – animal bond; the affection that dogs have for people and that people have for dogs. A therapy dog can be any size, body shape, breed, mixture of breeds, color, coat type, or sex. The assistance may be emotional: by showing the person being visited that he is loved and lovable. The person being visited may smile, cry, hug the dog, pet the dog, or laugh while the dog performs tricks.